How to Choose the Perfect Window Treatment

It's easy to overlook window treatments in teens' rooms — they might seem like an afterthought, or your teen might be interested in the room's other decor. But the right window coverings can help transform a space — here are our favorite styles to choose from.

1. Sheers.

These lightweight, airy drapes give a room a soft and breezy look. They're perfect for small spaces because they let in more light, which makes any room feel bigger. If a single layer or sheers doesn't feel like enough coverage, try layering them with heavier drapes.

2. Roman Shades.

For a clean, tailored look, try a Roman shade. They fit right on the window and feature an innovative cordless design that makes height adjustment easy.

3. A Dramatic Statement.

Drapes with pattern and texture bring big style to any space. Coordinate your teen's drapes with another decorative element, such as their rug or bedding. Consider layering a heavier drape with something more lightweight so the look feels a little more casual.

How to Choose the Perfect Window Treatment