How To Measure For Curtains

Whether they're patterned or solid, thick or gauzy, curtains and window panels instantly update the look of a room. Once you've figured out the style of your window treatments, the next step is to measure properly to determine the window panel length and type of hardware you'll need. Follow our easy steps and you'll be hanging your own curtains in no time.

How To Measure For Curtains

Step 1: Determine if your window is square

Measure diagonally from the two top corners to the two bottom corners. If your measurements are significantly different, your window is not square.

Step 2: Choose a mounting option

There are three different mounting options - the type of mounting you should use is determined by the shape of your window.

  • Trim Mount

    Trim Mount

    If you want to highlight the actual size of your window, choose this mounting option.

  • Wall Mount

    Wall Mount

    This is the mount to use if your window is not square. Mount hardware brackets 3'' beyond the 4-6'' above the window trim. This brings a fuller look to the window.

  • Inside Mount

    Inside Mount

    If you're mounting Roman shades or want your molding to show, use an inside mount. Attach the hardware just inside the frame.

Step 3: Figure out the hardware length

After you've picked the mounting option that works best for your window, it's time to measure your windows to determine hardware length. Keep in mind that if you have chosen the wall mount option, you will need to add 6 inches to the length of your rods. Also, depending on what style you choose, finials can add up to 4 inches on each end of the rod, so you want to make sure there is enough clearance.

Also, if the width of your mounting measurement is less than 88 inches, we recommend buying at least two panels. If your measurement exceeds 88 inches, additional panels will be required for total coverage.

Step 4: Hang your window panels or Roman shades

You're almost there! Depending on the style you chose, the way to hang them is different.

Window Panels

There are two types of window panels: those that hang to (or just below) the windowsill and those that hang to the floor.

  • Sill Length

    Sill Length

    Shorter curtains make a formal room more casual. Measure from the top of the window mount (A, B, C) to the sill (C) or just below the sill (D).

  • Floor Length

    Floor Length

    Floor-length curtains lend presence to a small window. Measure from the top of the window mount (A, B) to the floor (E).

Roman Shades

If you are installing a Roman shade, remember that the mounting rod is 1 3/8 inches wider than the fabric. When measuring, add 1 3/8 inches to the overall width of shade to ensure it will fit inside the window frame. For example, a 22-inch roller shade measures 23 3/8 inches with mounting hardware.