How To Make Your Style Statement

Show your personality through your wall decor! Start with the accent wall and paint it a bold color for a pop of passion!


Let your room reflect who you are. For added depth and dimension choose wall decor in the shapes you love from mirrors, frames, art and pinboards. This adds an element of surprise to your gallery wall for a display that really catches the eye. Got a favorite hobby? Work it into your room with creative decorative details that can be hung on your wall. Add mirrors to help break up repetition.


Art is a statement of your identity and personality more than most of your accessories and decor. Pick art that speaks to you, or make it sentimental. Hang up what is special to you; framed magazines, photos, letters from your BFF, etc. To make your favorite piece stand out, put it in the center of the wall or in a larger frame and make sure to hang it at eye level so it won't be missed.


The more variety you have the better. Add drama to your photos by using frames in a mix of colors, sizes, finishes and textures. In the end it is all about your personal style. There are no rules. Trust yourself and go with what you love!

How To Make Your Style Statement