How to Create Seating In a Bedroom

Smart storage is the key to keeping your teen's bedroom and lounge space clutter-free and ready for use. Here are a few things to consider when you and your teen design the storage system for their room.

1. Maximize Your Space.

Loft beds are the perfect solution for a sleep-and-study space that offers one footprint with twice the functionality. Plenty of cubbies and drawers provide abundant storage for school supplies, books and more.

2. Get Creative With Color and Shape.

When placed on open shelves, colorful canvas baskets can complement the rest of the room's color palette. The result is a coordinated space that feels organized and free of clutter.

3. Keep Things Organized.

Storage and organization aren't necessarily the same thing. Make sure your teen keeps their study space organized by setting up a system (such as labeled or color-coded bins or shelves).

4. Think Beyond the Closet.

If your teen's room is on the smaller side, remember that the closet isn't the only place to store clothes and shoes. Dressers, armoires, baskets and bins provide additional storage for minimal space.

5. Use Open and Closed Storage.

Open shelves and cubbies are great because they double as display space, turning your teen's favorite photos,
objects and more into part of the room's decor. They also keep the room feeling
more open and spacious. Closed storage (cabinets and drawers) is key for
belongings that have less visual appeal (electronics, for instance).

How to Create Seating In a Bedroom