Todd Glaser Gives Us The Inside Scoop On Those Epic Shots Of Kelly Slater

Meet Kelly Slater's Photographer, Todd!

Kelly's photographer Todd Glaser has a love of beach and sunshine just like the surf pro himself. Todd captures gorgeous surf shots of Kelly Slater, and is giving us the inside scoop on his inspiration and the behind-the-scenes details on some of those pretty pictures you've seen in our new collection with Kelly Slater!

Todd's Love of Surf & Sand

"Growing up in San Diego I was introduced to the ocean and its beauty from a young age. Building sand castles, surfing, and hanging with my friends is how I spent every minute I could when not in school," says Glaser on his inspiration to shoot surf life. "Fast forward a few years and I still find myself spending as much time as I can at the beach, hanging with friends! Since the first trip Kelly and I have done together we both shared similar passions with the ocean, surfing, and being in the right place at the right time."

A Far Out Wave

Glaser also gave us a few little known facts behind the shots seen in the collection... "Baja California has over 1,000 miles of surfable coastline. This wave where Kelly is shown surfing required hours of driving and a small single-prop plane to get to. What I love about this shot is the anticipation."

A Lifelong Love

"Kelly grew up hanging in the backyard of his friends that rented a house on the beach at Pipeline. He now has a place of his own and can call Pipeline his backyard. A multiple time Pipe Master, he has and continues to be on some of the best waves that break there every year." says Glaser explaining Kelly's lifelong love for the ocean.

Todd Glaser Gives Us The Inside Scoop On Those Epic Shots Of Kelly Slater