How To Use Underbed Storage

Utilize the space under your dorm bed with storage bins designed
to store away everything from clothes to study supplies.

Label, Label, Label

Stash keepsakes, photos and school supplies in fabric storage bins made of sturdy canvas. For easy identification of your stuff, label your under the bed storage boxes.

Our under-bed storage has a slot for a label to keep everything organized. Pick categories that make sense to you and narrow it down as much as you can. If you are storing clothes, label it by type – sweater, jeans, t-shirts, etc.

Get Stylish

Just because you have a lot of stuff to store, doesn't mean it can't look stylish. Pick a color that matches the bedding or go for a bold bright hue that will make your under the bed storage pop.

Our decorative storage bins are designed with cardstock printed paper to ensure they are durable and can hold lots of items.

Keep Must-Haves Close

Space can be tight in your dorm room and it's important to maximize it. The solution? Our Ultimate Footbed Storage. With this smart storage compartment, your study essentials will be easily accessible and your knickknacks won't clutter up your study lounge.

How To Use Underbed Storage