How to Update Your Room for Spring

With the hectic holiday season over, it's time to refresh, reorganize and clear out the clutter.

Freshen Up Fabrics

During the winter, we love cozying up to fleece and faux fur. But as spring debuts, we're all about crisp linens, bold color and playful patterns. Make your bed with crisp colors and textures.

Make it Work

A new year means new classes — and a fresh chance to make the grade. Clear off your desk and start anew with baskets and bins to keep school supplies there when you need them, and tucked away when you don't.

Put It All Away

This year, avoid letting little odds and ends collect on your desk — or worse yet, your floor! Find a home for everything from nail polish to notebooks by choosing storage designed for the task at hand. Jewelry and beauty organizers protect treasured possessions, while large baskets and bins keep other items stowed safely under your bed or desk.

How to Update Your Room for Spring