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Born and raised in Cocoa Beach, Florida, Kelly Slater began surfing when he was 5 years old. He became an amateur competitor at age 11, and just one year later, he won the first of four consecutive United States Surfing Championship titles. At 18, he turned pro.

Revered for his impeccable angles and beautiful aerials, Kelly says the water is where he feels comfortable. "I grew up in the ocean, so it feels like home," he said. "For me, surfing is about being harmonious with nature and in tune with the ocean. My love for the ocean and nature is the same today as it was back when I started."

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Kelly's eco-conscious lifestyle was the inspiration for his collection of bedding, furniture and decor.

Commited to Our Environment

A genuine and passionate commitment to environmental sustainability is at the center of Kelly Slater's worldview. "We only have one planet," he said. "We need to make a better future for all of us, which starts with realizing where we are now. We need to be real about the situation, and we need to realize that we have an effect on this planet – positive or negative. Anyone can go out there and change the world. You just need to come up with an idea that's going to change everyone's mind, or at least change the way things are done."

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Creating the collection with sustainability in mind was of utmost importance to Kelly Slater. "I'm really honored and proud to be involved with PBteen," he said. "We used recycled, repurposed and sustainable materials in creating this line, which was really important to me. I'm still blown away by the depth and level of thoughtfulness that went into the creation of this collection."

Point of View

"Three words that encompass my philosophy on life would be love, understanding and acknowledgement – for the people around you, the things you do and where you like to go," Kelly said. "I think it's important to be who you are, and to be aware of how that affects the world and the people around you."

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