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Dry-Erase Calendar Decal

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Never miss a deadline with this peel-and-stick calendar decal.

  • 40" wide x 27" high
  • Our peel-and-stick decals are easy to apply, reposition and remove.
  • Decals make a fast, no-fuss alternative to messy paint and stencils.
  • Self-adhesive backing removes without any surface damage.
  • For best results, mount to a smooth surface.
  • Dry-erase pens not included.
Dimensions + Care

* 39"w x 25"h

* Adhesive: self-adhesive
* Base paper: wall decal is 100% vinyl

* Wipe with a moist cloth

Shipping Info
This item will arrive in 3-5 business days. Please proceed to the Payment & Review page of Checkout for a precise delivery estimate.


  • Tip 1: Clean tough marker spots on this dry-erase wall decal using a vinegar-and-water mixture. Mix white vinegar and water and then use a lint-free cloth to wipe the board down. If necessary, use a spray bottle to spray the mixture directly onto a tough marker spot and wipe it away. Allow the board to dry completely. Alternatively, you can use hand sanitizer and a paper towel to scrub away stains from old markers.
  • Tip 2: Color-coordinate important due dates by creating a system, assigning specific colors each occasion. For example, mark all school-related dates in blue, all sports-related dates in green, all holidays in red and all work-related deadlines in orange. Create a key on the calendar so that it’s easy to remember and reference for everyone in the family.
  • Tip 3: Use the large, empty space on the right-hand side of the calendar decal to list important details like phone numbers and shopping necessities. It’s also a great place to jot down notes while you work, so that you can reference them later as you complete important assignments.
  • Tip 4: Decorate the wall space around the decal with fun items like photographs, posters and string lights. This is a great way to add some personality to the wall decal and help it blend into your room's design theme. Make sure that you do not overcrowd the calendar, as that can create visual clutter that overpowers the important details.
  • Tip 5: Transform this simple wall decal into a decorative art piece by adding ornamental frames and borders. Take a vintage art frame that is slightly larger than the calendar and hang it securely on the wall so that it borders the decal. Or, choose decorative tape in a fun pattern and add it to the edges of the decal. This will create visual interest while giving the calendar a pop of color and some personality.