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Seating you can configure to perfectly fit your space.

Pinboards + Wall Calendars

Get Creative with Gorgeous Pinboards

Create a special spot for little trinkets, notes, reminders, baubles and more with pinboards. These customizable cork boards let you get organized so you always know where to find what you need. Use them for dreamier purposes, too, like commemorating meaningful times with friends or building out inspiring images to keep you moving towards your goals and aspirations. With so many styles and personal uses, don't be surprised if you use these wall organizers every day.

What Is a Pinboard?

A pinboard is an element of your bedroom's decor that hangs on a wall or other surface. It usually looks like other cork boards, but it's more decorative, so it might include a pretty frame or a uniquely textured surface.

  • Pinboards are used with pins. The pins hold pictures, tickets, notes or other small items you want to keep nearby.
  • You can also use the pins as hooks when you choose a larger or substantial style. Dangle earrings, necklaces, soft headbands, flower crowns or other personal style accessories. Use the hooks for heavier items like craft scissors, too.
  • Since they hang on the wall, everything is easy to reach. You can customize where you place the pins for fresh pinboard styling or daily convenience when grabbing what you want.

Where To Hang Yours

Hang your pinboards all around your bedroom for an easy way to decorate. Since you can keep your pinboards looking new all the time, they're an excellent way to showcase what matters to you in the moment.

  • Put one over your bed to dedicate it to the mementos that mean the most to you. This is where you can put festival tickets, pictures of friends out having fun or small drawings you've made or received from others.
  • Hang at least one by your desk or study alcove. This pinboard is perfect for reminders or calendar pages or notes. Keep yourself organized and on point when it comes to homework, tests, projects, applications and more.
  • Place one inside a vanity tower. Big vanities include space for larger personal items, like extra clothing layers, accessories or cosmetics. An inspiration board is perfect here. Highlight your dreams and goals.

Interesting Ways to Style Your Pinboard

Style your pinboard so it feels completely unique to you.

  • Choose a silhouette you love, like a scalloped edge, a pretty oval or a symmetrical rectangle with tons of versatility.
  • If you like a little glitz, look for a gold-toned frame. For modern bedrooms, go frameless.
  • Add ribbons, colored papers, images of different sizes and natural objects, like flowers or leaves.
  • Put up different stickers. Just don't remove the backs and use pins instead.

Get your friends in on the fun, too, by making sure everyone in your group shares trinkets and ideas to decorate your boards and bedrooms.

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