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How do you wake up in the morning? Does a parent get you up, or do you keep your phone on your bedside table with an alarm? No matter what strategy you use, it‘s never a bad idea to have a backup. PBteen has an awesome selection of cool clocks that can help you keep track of time and get out of bed of bed early enough that you don‘t feel panicked before a big day of school. With our clocks, you can add some decor to your room while taking responsibility for your morning routine. Waking up in the morning may be one of the hardest parts of your day, but our selection of clocks, including everything from old-school alarms to state-of-the-art options enabled with Bluetooth, will help make it easier and even a little more pleasant.

Even if getting out of bed is easy for you, having a cool clock in your room can make your mornings even easier. Clocks can help you get to bed more easily, too. If that seems like a tall order, consider this. Using your phone, computer or tablet in bed at night can actually make it harder to fall asleep, and not just because it‘s distracting. All that light shining in your face tricks your brain into thinking it‘s daytime, so your body isn‘t as ready for bed as it could be. You can make it easier to fall asleep quickly by pledging to reserve your screen-usage time for daylight and evening hours. Having a standard digital or analog alarm clock in your bedroom will make it easier to stick to this new plan.

Our selection of clocks can also allow you to incorporate your phone or tablet into your morning routine, too. We offer plenty of versatility to accommodate the different kinds of choices you can make with modern technology. Our Bluetooth speaker alarm clocks let you hook up to your phone or tablet, meaning you can wake up to the exact music or podcast you want to hear first thing in the morning. Some of our Bluetooth alarms and speakers have additional features such as phone charging docks, letting you approach the day even more prepared than ever.

One added bonus for these Bluetooth clocks is that you can use them as speakers at different times of the day for your favorite music, audiobooks, podcasts and YouTube playlists. They work with any Bluetooth-enabled device, so you could even connect these speaker clocks to your computer to provide better sound for movies and TV. It‘s a great idea to combine the handiness of a Bluetooth speaker with the added convenience of an alarm clock so you can free up more shelf or table space for decorations and other stuff you want to display.

In addition to helping you wake up and amplify your favorite tunes, our clocks provide decor for your room, too. Whether you choose an analog clock for the cool, retro design or you pick a Bluetooth alarm clock in a fun, bright pattern, you can add an extra element of style to your room while also enabling yourself to keep track of the time. You can even personalize some of our clocks with your name, making an already cool clock even better. We offer different colors for most of our clock options, so pick what works best for your room decor so everything looks well put together.

It pays to keep an alarm clock close to your bed; you may not normally be super excited about going to school before you‘re fully alert, but waking up to something you like to hear can make a big difference in your attitude. Take charge of your mornings and add some fun to the other parts of your day with our Bluetooth alarm clocks, or go for a vintage look and feel with one of our analog or old-school digital clocks.