Teen Lapdesks

Teen Lapdesks

Teen lapdesks are ideal for studying on the bed in your room or dorm. Take it with you to the library or study outside on a park bench. Write letters to send home or do some artwork while using the lapdesk. You can even use it to make a quick sandwich or snack in your dorm. The soft, cushy base is comfortable and many of the lapdesks come with extra storage options. Choose one that can store a laptop or one with a sliding compartment to stash study materials. Many designs are available, so find one that you love.

A homework organizer is a terrific accessory to keep homework and important papers organized. It’s similar to a notebook but has many features. A Velcro closure is easy to open and close while keeping everything inside secure. A pouch provides some additional storage and a sleeve can keep your student ID and class schedule in a safe place.

Make your study space an area that you’ll want to use a lot. More studying increases the likelihood of really good grades. Desk accessory kits provide compartments to keep your study essentials each in their own spot. Pens, pencils and highlighters can go in one area. Your cell phone and charger will have their own space. Store USB ports and cords as well as rulers and calculators. Your desk will look tidy and you can always find what you need right there without having to take up valuable time to find things.

Be sure to get one of our handy backpacks to carry books and necessary items across campus to class. Front pockets allow you to separate things and remain organized and tidy. Tablets, e-book readers, notebooks, extra paper and books will fit in the main compartment. Shoulder straps make the backpack easy to carry. Find a pattern or print that you like, consider monogramming it and you’re all set. Transport your study materials from class to class then back to the dorm. When you go home during breaks, you can take your backpack home to study. Your parents will be impressed to see you studying while on break.

For trips back home, or for camping, staying with friends or a weekender trip, get a duffle bag. Handles and a shoulder strap allow you to carry them with ease. They are just the right size for quick trips and visits with friends and family. We have lots to choose from at PBteen so be sure to find the one that suits you best. Duffle bags are suitable for sports equipment and uniforms too. Take them to practices or on game day. If you babysit, you can use them to tote coloring books, crayons and toys that will make you popular with the kiddos.

Stay hydrated on the go with a water bottle or two. Keep one in the refrigerator to replace one that needs washing so you’re never without hydration. Staying hydrated helps your brain study harder and more effectively, gives you more energy and helps you perform better in sports. These eco-friendly bottles are refillable and can fit in a backpack or duffle bag. Since they are reusable, they don’t end up in a landfill, either.

Use a toiletry bag to store your cosmetics, shaving supplies and hygiene products. The hanging variety is ideal for hanging in a closet or on a door knob or towel rack, which preserves valuable counter space. Mesh pockets keep items visible for quick retrieval. Water-resistant fabric makes them a terrific accessory to have in the bathroom. School study habits that allow you to be organized and ready to go will ensure daily success for an incredible year.