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Decorative Wall Mirrors

Complete Your Bedroom with a Bedroom Mirror

Mirrors are hardworking wall accents that deserve a spot in every bedroom. Not only do they reflect light and make small spaces seem bigger, but they also help you check your hair and outfit as you get ready in the morning. Browse the wide selection of decorative mirrors at Pottery Barn Teen to find the right bedroom mirror for your space.

Full-Length Mirrors

A full-length mirror is a great investment for teen bedrooms. A glance at these long, thin reflectors lets you see your entire outfit at once, saving time in the mornings. Full-length mirrors for bedrooms are available in several designs.

  • Basic full-length mirrors hang on the wall using the included wall-mounting hardware.
  • Leaning full-length mirrors sit on the floor and mount to the wall at an angle.
  • In small spaces, over-the-door full-length mirrors take full advantage of the unused space behind your bedroom door. They also make great closet accessories.
  • While some feature simple metal frames, others come with cork frames for pinning notes, or frames with drawers and shelves for extra bedroom storage.

Decorative Mirrors

Smaller mirrors with decorative frames also make stylish wall accents in teen bedrooms, especially when paired with colorful teen wall art. With many options available, it's easy to find a decorative bedroom mirror to complement any room style.

  • Many basic square, rectangular or circular mirrors are made special with decorative mirror frames. Look for frames featuring stripes, polka dots, geometric patterns, ornate carvings and more.
  • Mirrors shaped like stars or letters are a fun upgrade for your walls.
  • There are also several special mirrors that allow you to show off your love of certain franchises, like Harry Potter and Hello Kitty.

Beauty Mirrors

Some wall mirrors come with special features that make grooming tasks like styling your hair or applying makeup much simpler. Smaller desktop mirrors are also available.

  • Light-up mirrors are not only useful but also give your bedroom Hollywood flair. The small bulbs in the frame illuminate the mirror so you can see better as you get ready for the day.
  • There are also many magnifying desktop beauty mirrors to sit on a dresser or vanity. The magnified side facilitates detailed tasks like applying makeup.
  • Wall mirrors with built-in jewelry storage are very handy for teen bedrooms as it creates an all-in-one spot for trying on and storing accessories. If you do select a mirror without storage, simply add a few wall hooks and shelves nearby.

Transform your wall with a decorative and useful bedroom mirror from Pottery Barn Teen. Use special full-length or beauty mirrors while getting ready in the mornings or simply add style with a decorative mirror. With many sizes and frame options to choose from, these mirrors will look great in any teen bedroom.