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At PBteen, we want your bedroom to be as comfortable and awesome as possible. Taking advantage of wall space is a terrific way to maximize decor no matter the size of your room. Plus, it looks awesome. What kind of things can you use to decorate your bedroom walls? There are tons of possibilities. If you’re into art, placing some photographs or prints above your bed or on a facing wall shows off your creative side. You can even use some frames to display your own drawings or paintings if you want. Murals have the same effect multiplied by major size. Our teen mirrors are another way to put your signature on the space. What effect do mirrors have on a room?

For one thing, mirrors make a bedroom – and any place really – feel bigger. The way it reflects walls creates the illusion of having another room connected to yours. Why does that matter? Well, the effect is the same as sitting in a car with lots of leg room. When you can stretch your feet, you feel happy and comfortable. So, even though a mirror may not physically knock down a wall to add floor space, it makes your brain think it did. Bottom line? You can breathe easy, rest and relax.

Another advantage of using mirrors to decorate is that it makes a bedroom brighter. If your room has some windows to let sunlight inside, mirrors reflect it all around the room. Even on cloudy days, you usually don’t need to turn on any lights. If your room doesn’t have any windows, don’t worry. Mirrors make it bright using any light fixture. They’re awesome because they fill the space with brightness indirectly, so you don’t have to worry about lights shining in your eyes when you’re trying to read or study. What are the advantages of having a bright room? Light makes you feel happy, helps you concentrate and gives you a positive attitude from the moment you wake up in the morning.

There are many different kinds of mirrors. Floor mirrors are tall and usually rest on the ground. Wall mirrors come many shapes and sizes. Some are rectangular, square, round or another design. When you want to figure out which ones you want for your bedroom, there are a couple of things that can help. First, think about your personality. Are you artistic, adventurous, romantic, sporty or tech-inclined? That gives you some clues. For example, if you’re super into fashion, a wall mirror fits your lifestyle because it lets you check out your clothes from all angles before heading out for the day.

Also, is there any kind of design theme you’re going for in the room? Maybe you’re inspired by Paris, Tokyo, New York or another city. Ocean themes are relaxing and let your imagination wander for hours. Your favorite sports and hobbies can also make possible themes. If you love watching classic black-and-white movies, a Hollywood-inspired room is fun. You can give things a 1920s twist with fluffy pleated bedding, a tufted headboard, a chandelier and a huge mirror with gold accents.

What if you’re more of a romantic person? What kind of mirrors fit? Well, the beauty of picking out decor is that no one can tell you what works and what doesn’t. You know what makes you feel like dancing around the room in your socks or keeping a rose near your bed. Some decorators say romantic is anything that looks like Paris: lots of curves, contours and little details. Other people go with mirrors that don’t have a frame. It feels natural and pure, just like perfume and flowers. A canopy bed, floral bedding, artwork with love themes and a jewelry box are other romantic touches you can add.

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