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Teen Throws + Pillow Covers

Teen Decorative Pillows and Throws

Decorating a bedroom is exciting. It fills the space with color, emotion and style. Of course, how you decorate is totally up to you. When you love the way your room looks, it affects you greatly. It makes you feel happy when you’re there, turning it into your spot to relax, have fun and talk with friends. Having a cool vibe in the room even helps you when you’re studying since it makes you feel free to innovate, imagine and express yourself. At PBteen, we want your room to fit your style completely. A couple of things that can help – besides wall art and bedding – are teen decorative pillows and throws.

Decorative pillows do pretty much what their name sounds like, which is decorate. True, they’re comfortable too yet usually a bit smaller than the fluffy pillows you use when you go to sleep. Usually, the idea is to add to the colors and patterns of your shams or pillowcases with a bunch of decorative pillows alongside them. That way, you end up with several layers that complement each other.

For example, imagine that your bedroom color theme is blue. Your duvet cover might be a bright blue with white stripes or plaid designs. Your pillowcases are solid turquoise or light blue. With decorative pillows, you can add pops or dark blue with geometric patterns, lavender or lime green for contrast or even white faux fur for some texture. The possibilities are endless.

How do you stack accent pillows or where do you put them? Actually, you can put them anywhere and add as many as you want. For something luxurious, some people like to put white pillows on the bottom, their shams on top and one, two or three decorative pillows in front of that. You can absolutely fill your bed with tons of different accent pillows. It gives your room a warm and inviting feel. A fuzzy rug adds a lot to this style.

Another terrific spot for decorative pillows and throws is in your chair. They add color when you’re not using the chair and give you something to wrap yourself up in if it’s cold in the morning. Bookcases and on top of dressers are other places to put accent pillows with a message or picture you like.

There’s no limit to the color combinations you can make when decorating your room. There are tons of objects to use to play around with colors like lamps, curtains, rugs, bedding, wall art, mirrors and even the paint you pick out for your bedroom. Different shades give the space a distinctive feel – from playful to exotic – so they’re a great way to personalize it.

Looking for a few ideas for color combinations? No problem. They’re a lot of fun. If you look up a color wheel online, it gives you many possibilities. Complementary colors are directly opposite each other and are very exciting. Deep red or pink and light green are favorites in a preppy room. Shades of blue and orange or tan also look terrific.

Split-complementary arrangements take a color and the two hues right next to its opposite. If your accent wall is painted blue or blue-green, try bedding and decor that are shades of blue, orange or red. Triadic, analogous and monochromatic color schemes may sound like big words, but they’re easy to work with. Bottom line, pick out colors you like and go crazy. Decorative pillows and throws help because they let you add a bright pop wherever you want.

Always stay true to your style when decorating. If you like something, go for it. Your room is about you, your personality and your imagination, so it’s only fair that you get to decide what looks best. Are you a die-hard rock music fan? Let it show with band tributes or rock-inspired decor. The same thing goes for your taste in art. Abstract designs and decorative pillows with writing are chic, modern and vibrant.

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