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Decorative Wall Shelves + Hooks

Add Whimsy and Beauty with Floating Shelves

Discover a new way to add visual interest and personality to a room with floating shelves. These shelves are a classic way to create height, display beloved collections or mementos and maintain a streamlined aesthetic in a bedroom, alcove, teen study or other stylish space. Stack them, stagger them and explore all the styles available now. They're easier to hang than you might think and can organize or refresh the look of your teen's bedroom in a matter of hours.

What Are Floating Shelves?

Floating shelves are shelves that mount directly to the wall using an invisible bracket. They look like they're floating because there's nothing to see underneath or on top of the shelf, the way you might notice brackets or rail on other types of shelving.

  • Floating shelves usually mount to the wall with a U-shaped bracket. You just install the bracket to the wall and the pieces of the bracket that extend outward from the wall insert into holes in the back of the shelf.
  • Once you slide the shelf onto the bracket, the shelf is on the wall, sturdy, reliable and equally easy to take down whenever you're ready to move them around or replace them with a new look.
  • Shelves can be any length or depth. They look great when you combine a few different lengths to create a gallery or picture rail effect.

When To Use Wall Hooks

You can achieve the same floating look with complementary wall hooks in a coordinating aesthetic, matching color or similar finish.

Pair floating shelves with wall hooks to create space for display with space for organization or space-saving. For instance, you might put a few personal items on a shelf and designate a hook for tomorrow's outfit to make getting out the door to school on time quick and easy.

Accordion wall hooks achieve the same impact while allowing you more space to drape a robe, a sweater you might wear again in a day or two or a favorite hat.

Choosing New Decor Looks

Use a floating shelf set to create a new look in a bedroom. These shelves are perfect for elevating the feel in your kids' rooms. By adding such a sleek style, you can help them make the transition into their teen style.

  • Select a whimsical or breezy shelf look, like surfboards that float for a youthful, modern take on oceanfront themes.
  • Ball holders for basketball, baseball or other sports keep kids organized and inspired before and after games. When it's time to practice, they know where everything is. You can also use the holders to display memorabilia.
  • Choose a style with hooks or pegs to keep keys, jewelry, hats, scarves or tote bags off the floor.

These shelves are the perfect solution in a compact space or anywhere your teen needs a boost of style.

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