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Teen Wall Letters



Oversized block letters are one of the most popular ways to decorate a room since you can create a custom wall design that features your favorite quotes, names, initials, numbers, and more. Hanging big block letters on any wall in your home can create a beautiful atmosphere that leaves a great impression with guests. Decorative wall art such as letters, whether they are wooden hanging letters or letter decals, are an accent that can personalize any room. From an infant whose wall art starts from the ceiling to the college student who fixes their fraternity Greek letters on their door, the possibilities with wall letters is limitless.


Some of the rooms people often decorate with block letters are:


  • Baby nursery
  • Living room
  • Child / Master bedroom
  • Guest room


The most difficult decision you may have to make regarding your letter art is what style you want! Most decorative alphabet letter sets are wooden, vinyl, or medium-density fiberboard (MDF), although you can find them in bronze or other industrial metals. They come in a range of classic fonts and colors. Unique styles include floral prints, nautical script, Greek alphabet characters for sorority or fraternity events, and even unfinished wood for a rustic look.


Supplies and Instructions for Hanging Block Letter Wall Decor


You can find all the supplies you need to decorate a wall with letters at a local craft store, such as Michael's. You will need to purchase:


  • Single block letters, numbers, or special characters
  • A pack of strong double-sided mounting tape
  • Xacto knife
  • Carpenter's leveler


At home lay out the letters on a flat surface to see how you want to position them. Run a rag over the wall surface to remove dirt and dust, then follow these instructions:


Use an inch ruler to measure the exact size space between the letters. Use the leveler to make sure your marks are even, then mark the wall location of the bottom of the letter with a pencil.


Cut the tape with a Xacto knife in strips that run the length of the letter and apply the sticky side to the back of the letter.


Carefully remove the backing from the tape and place the letter on the wall, right along the pencil lines to ensure that it remains even. Hold the block firmly in place with your hand for 30 seconds until it is securely attached to the wall.


Stand back and enjoy your work!