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Food Storage

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Food Storage

Something that’s important to take care of when it comes to your busy life is food storage. Whether you need something to keep hot liquids hot or cool liquids cool, or just need a convenient container to carry your lunch in, PBteen has a wealth of different items to make taking your lunch with you so much easier. A much more economical and healthy choice, carrying your own lunch to school, college or your part-time job cuts down on costs you incur while eating out. You’re also probably more inclined to pack healthier snacks, even if a few cookies find their way into your container. Shop a wide selection of different types, colors and styles to make food storage a cinch.

Nothing beats a warm cup of coffee in the morning when you need to wake up and focus on your tasks. Some days you may not have time to stop, and other days you just don’t want to spend the extra cash. Shop our line of hot/cold containers to make carrying your own coffee and other beverages a breeze. Whether it’s other warm beverages such as cocoa or tea, or you want to keep iced tea or water cold, these containers easily do both. Perfect for dorm life or for your first apartment, these containers offer a tight-fitting lid so that there’s never any messy spills in your backpacks or bags.

When you want to take your lunch with you on a daily basis, a Bento box-styled lunch container is a great idea. Its hard shell keeps food and liquids from spilling out into your backpack, while its dividers keep food fresh and separate. Made from stainless-steel or plastic, you have several durable, spill-proof options when it comes to carrying your lunch.

There are smaller lunch containers as well, with included, tight-fitting lids. Whether you’re taking these along to carry snacks, or you just need a small dual-compartment lunch container for a small lunch, these are great to stash in your duffel bag or pack. Grab one of our safe and easy-to-use water bottles so that you have a healthy beverage along with your lunch. You can also purchase many of the storage and backpack items to match each other. For example, if you find a pattern you like, you can opt for the same pattern when it comes to your hot/cold container, your backpack, your lunch bag and your lunch containers.