Locker Accessories

Lock down your style and make a space that is uniquely you with an awesome selection of locker accessories from PBteen, including cool and convenient storage solutions that help to maximize space, and groovy memo boards so you never forget your next A/V club or prom meeting.

Your school locker is more than a place to store your backpack. It is your home away from home, the starting point for each new day and the ideal hangout for catching up on the latest gossip with your friends. Your locker is such a central part of your daily routine, it only makes sense to give it a splash of creative color and fashion-forward style to brighten your mood; and with some imagination and accessories, it is possible to transform a drab, military gray locker into a cool space that reflects your vibrant personality. Many items of locker decor are available with personalization options, including monograms and full names in a wide variety of fonts, making it easy to make a locker feel personal and unique.

Lockers are generally quite small, so the best accessories are often those that accentuate style while maximizing versatility by serving a functional purpose. Dry erase pocket boards fit the bill. These fun and functional accessories hang inside the locker so you have a dry-wipe surface for scribbling notes and memos, and they come in a huge selection of styles and colors to help you express yourself. Jot down your shopping list, the telephone number of the boy who just stopped to ask you on a date, or the date and time of the party that is going down at the weekend. When you are done, simply wipe the board clean with a tissue and start again. As an additional benefit, the boards include a pocket for storing small items, such as a makeup case or a brush, making it easier to keep your locker organized and efficient. If you need to be on your A game every day, choose a magnetic dry-erase calendar instead. Divided into the days of the week, these calendars are essential for the busy student about campus who fills every week with a wealth of opportunities.

If storage is the most important consideration, then hanging pockets are a simple solution. The groovy magnetic boards hang in an instant without any fixtures, and include pouches for storing pens, pencils and other essential items. They are available in a range of cool colors, and many include motivational messages to help you through the day, whether you are facing a big exam or psyching yourself up to ask someone to the prom. If you intend to use your pockets for makeup, consider a mirror board; and if you want to store several items together so that you can grab them at the end of the day, go for a zippered magnetic purse. For organizing large items, make efficient use of your space by introducing a locker shelf. These simple metal structures slide inside the locker, doubling the amount of flat surfaces at your disposal and making it easier to arrange textbooks for instant access.

Sometimes, all you really need is a way to let the world know what makes you, you. Fun locker decor is easy to install, and lets you introduce personality into your functional space. Go crazy with geometric print wallpaper, miniature chandeliers, locker rugs, curtains and rope lights, or use magnets and decal picture frames to show off some of your favorite photographs. On reflection, no locker is complete without a mirror. Use them to transform your locker into a beauty salon, and ensure you always look your best before the bell. Best of all, most of these locker accessories secure in place with magnets, so they install in seconds without causing any lasting marks or damage; and if you have to change school or you decide to switch lockers with a buddy, you get to take your cool accessories with you.

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