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Bathroom Storage + Accessories

Browse Bathroom Accessories for Your Kids at Pbteen

Organizing a bathroom can be a downright difficult job whether you're a teenager or an adult. The problem is that all those small bits and bobs just tend to get scattered about even if you've got the best of intentions. That's why a fool-proof, genius organizational system is a must-have. Use this guide to learn more about essential bathroom accessories you can find at Pottery Barn Teen today to help your kids whip their bathroom into shape and keep it that way.

What Bathroom Accessories Can I Buy?

Toothpaste, toothbrushes, towels and soap - those are just a few of the dozen or more essentials that you'll find in the average teenager's bathroom. Don't even get us started if there's makeup involved! The good news is that we can help you get any bathroom in the house organized right. Here are a few bathroom accessories that'll make the process a whole lot easier:

  • Storage stands and racks. Looking to build an organizational system from the ground up? A great vanity is a good start, but most bathrooms need more. Our multi-tiered stands, rolling carts and leaning ladder-style organizers make quick work of toiletries and cosmetics. They're also available in lots of styles ranging from simple, sophisticated looks to colorful and art deco inspired designs.
  • Vanity and tabletop organizers. Ideal for essentials and cosmetics, vanity and tabletop organizers come in a range of sizes fit for any surface. Look for models with a drawer or two and a top compartment for easy access. You can even find monogrammed styles to add a personal touch to your teenager's bathroom.
  • Beauty cups, jars and bins. Makeup brushes, lip balm, toothpaste - these are things that get used every day. Give them a stylish place to live so they're easy to reach. Look for glass, metal and lidded styles to match your room design.
  • Jewelry boxes. Keep necklaces from getting tangled and ensure that those earrings are always ready to wear as a pair with tabletop jewelry boxes for the bathroom. Plain and monogrammed styles make it easy to pick the perfect look.
  • Shower caddies. Shape up your teenager's shower and give those shampoo bottles a place to relax with in-shower caddies. Simple styles can hang on your water faucet, mount on your shower wall or sit on the floor.
  • Bath totes and toiletry cases. Ideal for overnight trips and travel, bath totes and toiletry cases also help you organize drawers and storage bins by theme. They're also wonderful for keeping those once-in-a-while bathroom products neat and organized.
  • Laundry hampers. Say goodbye to dirty clothes and towels on the floor! Add a stylish floor standing laundry hamper to your teenager's bathroom in modern metal styles on wheels or more traditional woven basket designs.
  • Wastebaskets. No bathroom is complete without a wastebasket. They may not be the most glamorous addition to your decor, but they certainly serve a purpose. Look for styles that match your existing fixtures and decorative accessories so your wastebasket will blend right in.

Get every bathroom in the house organized starting today. Shop our selection of bathroom accessories for big and small items that will make tidying up efficient, fast and even a little fun.