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Bathroom Storage + Accessories

Bathroom Storage

Does it feel like cosmetics, toiletries and accessories are taking over your bathroom? Tame the bathroom clutter monster with bathroom storage from PBteen. Whether you prefer hip patterns or classic neutrals, you can find functional pieces that suit your sense of style. The days of wasting your precious time digging through a cluttered drawer or accidentally knocking over your favorite products are a thing of the past. Begin your bathroom storage makeover with the shower. A shower caddy is a functional, chic way to keep shampoo, soap and other shower implements organized. If you share your shower, you can even use the caddy to take your shower items back to your room. The mesh design allows the caddy and the contents to dry quickly. A hanging storage organizer is a fantastic alternative if you prefer to keep your toiletries in the shower.

Once you organize your shower, it is time to tackle the bathroom vanity. Most vanities are overrun with bottles, cluttered drawers and general chaos. Fortunately, the right bathroom accessories make a significant difference. Put nail polish on display with a polish stadium that minimizes the use of counter space. This holds your polish vertically rather than horizontally. Keep small personal items, such as eye shadow compacts or lipstick pots, in a zippered makeup case so they don’t get lost. Arrange items that you use frequently in a compartment organizer that keeps them within reach. Many have compartments of various sizes to hold makeup brushes, cosmetics and personal items.

When you open your bathroom cabinet, do towels, toilet paper and extra toiletries come tumbling out? If so, it’s time to fit your bathroom with canvas bins. These bins are lightweight and come in an assortment of hip patterns and colors. Put bath towels in a large bin to keep them contained. Use smaller bins to store extra personal care items. Pick from storage bins that feature an open style, or opt for alternatives that include lids. Lidded storage bins are a great option when stacking multiple bins in a single location. With the right combination of different bin styles, you fully utilize your bathroom cabinet space.

You’ve got an hour until you need to leave, and the minutes are ticking away. Unfortunately, the look of your bathroom suffers as you rush to get ready. If your clothes don’t always make it to your hamper, fit your bathroom with a laundry bag. Hang the bag from a hook or door knob, or let it rest in the corner of your bathroom. If you prefer to separate your whites and colors, have multiple bags for each item. When it’s time to do laundry, grab the bags by the sturdy carrying handles and head to the washer.

Instead of storing your jewelry in a drawer, put it on display with jewelry storage. Bathrooms with minimal counter space benefit from cabinet-style storage. Simply follow the instructions to securely adhere the cabinet to the wall so you can take advantage of the extra space. The hooks in the cabinet storage unit keep necklaces untangled and ready for your next outing.

Some mornings, it feels more comfortable to get ready in your bedroom instead of the bathroom. Instead of having to transport everything piece by piece, make one trip with a portable storage cart. These carts have multiple bins, drawers and spaces for various items. Storage carts also work well to get your items off of the bathroom counter. Attached wheels make the cart portable and easy to move when you are in a hurry.

Once you upgrade your bathroom storage, it is time to make sure your decor complements the space. Swap your old shower curtain for one that revives your space. Select from rich hues for a dapper look, or pick smart, fun colors for a modern theme.