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Teen Hampers + Laundry Bags

Laundry Bags

Tired of tripping over laundry as you make to your bed? Need a better way to transport your laundry to the facilities? Add a laundry bag to your living quarters so that you have a dedicated spot to put your dirty clothes. Choose from a number of fun patterns and vivid hues to find the piece that complements your sense of style. If you prefer trendy accessories, a laundry bag adorned with a chevron or paisley print meshes perfectly with your preferred sense of aesthetics. For a simple, yet dapper item, pick rich, solid hues, such as navy or brown. Color block designs even combine your favorite traditional colors into a single look.

Make PBteen’s laundry bags work for you. Some prefer to put all of their dirty laundry in a single space, while others like to keep their towels and other items by themselves. To separate your laundry as you dirty it, consider a laundry bag system. Laundry bag systems include multiple bags in coordinating hues. Each bag has a specific function, and some systems even label the bags for maximum simplicity. Don’t avoid laundry systems due to spatial concerns. Bags are available in a variety of sizes and types, including collapsible bags and standup hampers.

An alternative to the laundry bag set is the dual-compartment hamper. Dedicate one side to clothing or pieces that can wait until laundry day, and save the other side for laundry that must be washed as soon as possible. If you know that you need to wash your sheets before bed, just stick them in the side of the hamper for top-priority laundry. Pick hampers that come with carrying handles so you can effortlessly transport them to your laundry room.

Whether you are living away from home or traveling, it’s the small details that make any location feel homey. Start by making sure you can comfortably use the facilities by adding a matching laundry bag and shower caddie to haul your stuff to and from the showers, gym, laundry room and dressing rooms. The hamper in this set includes backpack straps. Instead of trying to tote the hamper and all your stuff, just strap it to your back. Multiple pockets and a roomy interior ensure that the shower caddie holds everything you need to get ready. A storage hook is a fantastic option for stowing your bag and caddie until you need to use them again.

It can be cumbersome trying to transport multiple bags across campus or camp. For many students, their backs are already devoted to carrying their backpacks. Make walking with multiple items as easy as possible by utilizing different types of straps on your laundry bag. A top alternative to the traditional backpack hamper is a laundry bag with a cross-body strap. This piece lets you use the strength of your entire core to haul heavy loads of laundry, such as those that include your blankets.

Accessories are a simple way to add flair to your room. Transform your room into a space where you want to study and relax with the addition of matching pieces, such as a coordinating hideaway hamper and wastebasket. Add your own touch to the hamper by fitting it with a liner in the color of your choice. You can even monogram the liner with your initials or nickname so that it truly reflects your personality.

After using your laundry bag to store, transport and launder your clothing, it is time to put them away. Don’t let a round of productive laundry be spoiled by storing clean clothes all over your room. Instead, use closet storage solutions to give every article of clothing a home. Store jeans and bulky sweaters in roomy bins. Add dividers to your drawers to keep the contents separated and organized.

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