Pajamas + Robes

PJs + Robes

Whether you’re planning a night of intense studying or a cozy evening with a movie, you want to be comfortable. A pair of PJs from PBteen blends effortless style with maximum comfort. When the weather turns crisp and cool, add a bathrobe to your at-home ensemble. Pick from an assortment of sleek styles and fun patterns so that you feel and look your best. Consider the season in which you will be using your pajamas so that you select the right type of fabric. Once you pick out a chic pair of PJs, add warm slippers to your look.

If you live in a mild environment or plan on wearing your pajamas during the warm months, cotton pajamas are a smart selection. Cotton pajamas are lightweight and breathable so that you maintain a pleasant temperature. Spills are no problem for cotton pajamas; just launder the PJs in the washing machine to get them back to their former condition. Flannel cotton pajamas are a fantastic alternative for brisk fall nights or when you need PJs that are heavier than traditional cotton. Like regular cotton clothing, they are also safe to launder in the washing machine. Just toss them in your laundry bag until it’s time to wash them.

As you shop for clothing, remember that a few small decisions make a big impact when it comes to helping the environment. One simple way to help the earth is to pick PJs that are Oeko-Tex certified. PJs with the Oeko-Tex certification are produced using methods that are considered environmentally friendly. Oeko-Tex-certified clothing is also free of materials or chemicals that may be harmful to humans. To make sure your PJs are as green as possible, launder them as needed rather than after every wear. Hang them on a storage hook during the day until it is time for their next wear.

After selecting a pair of trendy PJs, pair them with a soft robe. Robes come in an assortment of lengths so you can find one that suits your preferences. Choose from short, above-the-knee styles, or opt for long, floor-length designs. One thing to remember is that many robes are one size fits all. A sash allows you to quickly customize the size and fit. If you like to adjust the length of your sleeves, look for a robe that has rolled cuffs. The material of your robe is another factor to evaluate. On snowy, frigid days, there’s nothing like a thick, fleece robe to keep you warm. This plush robe resembles your favorite trusty throw. Don’t avoid robes in the warmer months; instead, swap your cozy, thick robe for one crafted from breathable jersey material. When you need to shower while traveling or on the go, pack your robe and shower caddie so you have all the necessities for getting ready when out and about.

As you pore through possible robes, decide what features are important to you. Some robes include a hood so that you are comfortable during even the coldest winter evenings and snowy mornings. Others include deep, roomy pockets. Use these pockets to keep your phone and listening accessories nearby. One alternative even has a costume appeal. Choose a robe with animal ears attached to the hood for a super-fun, playful look.

When you live with other people, whether they’re your siblings or roommates, it is inevitable that clothing is mixed up. Help your friends and family quickly identify your clothing by adding an elegant monogram to your PJs or robe. Monogram your initials, nickname or full name to set your clothing apart. Pick from a variety of coordinating thread hues when selecting the color and trend of your monogram letters.

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