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Shower Caddies

Shower Caddies

Tired of trying to make your way to the shower while you juggle your toiletry bottles, towels and shower implements? Make your shower trips easier with a shower caddie from PBteen. Shower caddies come in an assortment of fun patterns and chic colors so you easily find one that satisfies your sense of style. Whether you only need to transport a couple of items or have an expansive collection of shower necessities, you can find a caddie that fits your needs. Some caddies are even large enough to carry your bath towels.

When you buy your shower caddie, you want it to last. Nothing is more frustrating than finding a product that you adore, only to have it break a couple months later. You have a few options for materials, all of which create a durable caddie. Plastic mesh shower caddies are popular because they dry quickly. The mesh also enables the contents of the caddie to expel water so that the contents don't mildew. Polyester is a terrific, lightweight alternative, making it a top choice if you have a lot of stuff to tote. Some polyester pieces even come in a spacious tote style. Throw your dirty laundry in the center of the caddie and put it in your laundry bag when you get back to your room. Another benefit of polyester shower caddies is that they are simple to clean. Just use a damp cloth to scrub away any spots to keep the caddie looking its best.

If you want your shower caddie to stand out, you can personalize it with a monogram of your initials, nickname or first name. This is a great idea if you are sharing the shower facilities with a large number of people, as it ensures that you recognize your caddie. Choose a monogram that coordinates with your caddie's fashionable hues. When the morning is hectic and you are rushing to get ready, having a product that you love to carry soothes even the most stressful occasions. One way to make sure all of your shower products complement one another is to opt for a bath beauty set. Bath beauty sets come with a shower caddie and bath linens in complimentary colors. Thanks to the ample amount of pockets, you can quickly organize your gels and washes. If you know that you are going to carry a number of small cosmetics or accessories, add a toiletry bag to your shower caddy. Toiletry bags work well for adding an extra layer of storage and organization to your day.

Showers equipped with hooks or a usable hanger are ideal for hanging toiletry kits. Hang this convenient caddy from any door knob or hook. When it is not in use, it folds up into a small satchel. Simply unfold it so that you easily access the contents when it is time for a shower. This design also includes zippered pockets to keep valuable or small items securely in place.

Traveling or need a shower caddy well suited for the gym? A deluxe shower set has everything you need for showering on the go. This extensive set includes a wash cloth, hand towel and bath towel. The size is just right; large enough to hold your robe or pajamas, but small enough that it isn't difficult to carry. Chic geometric patterns make it a shower tote that you enjoy carrying.

At times, you may want to take your jeweler off before you shower and change. Unfortunately, this greatly increases the chance of losing an earring or misplacing a watch. Outfit your shower caddy with dedicated jewelry storage. Possibilities include a jewelry roll, jewelry wallet or small jewelry box. Simply put your selection in one of your shower caddy's pockets so you always have it on hand.

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