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Shower Curtains

Decorating a bathroom isn‘t the same as decorating other rooms in your house. For one thing, there‘s usually less room for decor in there, but it‘s also usually not necessary to put a bunch of pictures on the wall in a room where you don‘t spend a lot of time. That‘s where shower curtains come in. While shower curtains perform a useful function by keeping water from your shower in and the floor outside dry, they can also look great and add some cheerfulness to your bathroom. PBteen's shower curtains are specially designed to provide some decor for your bathroom with the color, texture or pattern of your choice. With all these great options, there‘s no need to choose a plain, unembellished shower curtain. Whether you like pastels or brights, solids or stripes, we have plenty of options for you to choose from so you can instantly make your bathroom look just right.

As you shop for your shower curtain, treat it like picking out a duvet cover or sheet set for your bed. You may not need to consider comfort when it comes to your shower curtain, but in many other ways, shopping for a shower curtain is a similar process to picking out bedding. You want to choose something that reflects your taste and that you won‘t get sick of looking at, but you should also think about how the shower curtain will look in your bathroom. If your bathroom has printed wallpaper or walls painted a distinctive color, make sure the shower curtain you choose matches well. It‘s also worth considering whether your chosen shower curtain matches well with other elements of your bathroom, such as your bath mat or towels, though these smaller items are much easier to change than wall color.

With so many options to choose from, including plaid, color block, ribbon-trimmed and tasseled options, it will be easy for you to find a shower curtain that matches well with your bathroom. Some of our shower curtains have additional features such as optional customization with a personalized monogram. If you have monogrammed towels, adding a monogrammed shower curtain can be a great way to introduce some additional sophistication and coordination to your bathroom.

Our shower curtain styles coordinate or perfectly match with all of our bathroom accessories, too, giving you the opportunity to create a well-organized bathroom that looks nice and neat from every angle. Staying organized in the bathroom can help you get ready faster in the morning, and our bathroom accessories are perfect for helping you accomplish this feat. With options including trash bins, tissue covers, lotion dispensers and tumblers to match or complement your shower curtain, you‘ll have no problem keeping your bathroom looking fresh and tidy.

Taking a shower can be one of the most enjoyable parts of your day, so it makes sense to give your shower curtain selection some careful thought. Many of our shower curtains are made of materials such as cotton that are easy to care for - just stick them in the washing machine when they need a little refreshing. As you probably know if you‘ve ever had to scrub your tub as part of your chores, though you get clean inside your shower, the shower itself (and your shower curtain) aren‘t always so lucky. Being able to quickly clean your shower curtain adds another element of enjoyment and freshness to your bathroom, which is always best when it‘s clean. These quick-clean shower curtains, which make up the majority of our offerings in this product category, work best when paired with a shower curtain liner to help keep them dry, which allows them to stay fresher for longer. After picking out your curtain and liner, all you‘ll need is some roller rings to keep your curtain sliding easily on your shower curtain rod, and you‘ll be ready to enjoy the suds in style.

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