Shower Liners + Curtain Rings

Liner + Roller Rings

Your shower curtain does a lot of hard work making your bathroom look nice, but when it comes to facing the water raining down inside the shower and sliding easily over your shower curtain rod, your decorative shower curtain may need a little help. That‘s where shower liners and shower curtain rings come in. These handy accessories provide waterproof protection inside the shower and give you an easy rolling effect that moves your shower curtain back and forth with the slightest tug. PBteen offers a wide range of colorful, decorative shower curtains, and we also have the liners and shower curtain rings you‘ll need to get the most usefulness and enjoyment out of your shower curtain.

Because shower liners are clear, you don‘t need to so through a decision-making process to choose the right one in the same way you do for an exterior shower curtain. Shower liners are made from waterproof materials such as EVA, a plastic material that‘s non-allergenic and odorless to give you better peace of mind while you use your shower. Our shower liners are also resistant to mold and mildew, meaning you‘ll get more use of them before having to clean or throw them away. If you do eventually decide to toss out your shower curtain liner, you can have confidence knowing that it‘s fully biodegradable, making our shower liners a more ethical choice for your bathroom setup.

The waterproof nature of our shower liners allows you to keep the rest of your bathroom outside of your shower as clean and dry as possible. Your bath mat will stay dry and inviting when you tuck your shower liner in to the interior of your tub before you turn on the shower. For best results, let your liner dry by pulling your shower curtain shut after you step out of the tub or stall. Your exterior decorative shower curtain should stay on the outside of your tub or stall while the shower is in use so it can stay dry and clean as well. The shower liner will do all the heavy lifting when it comes to keeping water inside the shower while you get clean.

You could even decide to use your shower liner alone without a decorative shower curtain overlay. If you have a brightly decorated bathroom with colorful towels, bright tile and embellished walls, a simple, transparent shower liner may be all you need to complete you bathroom setup. The clear liner can showcase the tile inside your shower without requiring you to leave the curtain open. Of course, in most cases, adding a curtain on top of the liner will work best for bathroom decor, but the liner can stand alone if you so choose.

After you have your shower curtain setup all picked out, don‘t forget to stock up on some bathroom storage, too. Like shower liners and shower curtain rings, bathroom storage pieces are an important component for making your bathroom easy to use and comfortable to be in. We offer a variety of different storage solutions, including specific products such as makeup cases and all-purpose organization tools such as bin and bags that you can use to store everything from hair products to extra shampoo under your sink.

Shopping for bathroom decor products can be fun, and thanks to our high-quality product selections, it‘s also pretty easy. Just pick out a colorful shower curtain, select a shower liner and some rings, add on some storage and linens and you‘re all set. Your bathroom is one of the most practical and useful rooms in your house - we have exactly what you need to make it feel inviting and fun as well as useful and well organized.

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