Dorm Closet Organizers

How To Organize Your Dorm Closet

When you move into a dorm, you might be surprised to realize how much stuff--and space--you had before. Dorm life is the best, but making space in your new closet is probably going to be one of the first challenges you face being on your own. Even if it's your final year at school, you can always use a few new tips and tricks to organize clothes, shoes and accessories. Check out these space-saving techniques, from the tried-and-true to the who-knew.


Hangers are a no-brainer for your closet, right? But you might not have realized that you can save tons of space by hanging everything a certain way. Some of this depends on your wardrobe, but everyone can get a couple more coveted inches of closet bar with these ideas.

Start by pairing up pieces you always wear together. Maybe it's that one blazer that you always wear with those perfectly professional pants for interviews. Maybe you're all over the trend of head-to-toe patterned pieces. Sports uniforms are usually two pieces. You get the idea. Now hang those ensembles on two-tier hangers. These amazing hangers let you skip the extra hanger on the bar while making clothes organization as easy as can be.

Most of your wardrobe still might be single pieces that you can mix and match across outfits. Separate this section of your closet from the section with outfits on tiered hangers so that you can hang another hanger rod from the first one. You now officially have a tiered closet -shirts on top, pants folded in half on pants hangers on the bottom - that can compete with any boutique presentation.

Shoe Storage

Shoes can present a puzzle for new dorm dwellers or anyone, really. It can be challenging to store all your shoes so you can see them, they stay clean and you can get to them easily while you try on looks for the night. Over-the-door shoe racks are popular for saving space, but if you have a tight closet or lots of boots and sneakers, you might prefer under-the-bed storage. You can make more room by propping your bed up on bed risers so that it's easier to duck under there and grab what you want. Don't forget, not all your shoes have to be in one spot. Put flats on the closet floor and boots by the door if that's what works for you.


Your dresser is an easy place to max out on storage. Bright new colors of tees or fun socks, for instance, need to go somewhere. You thought you had room for just one more; but you want your drawers to close, too, right? Try all the new takes on drawer-based storage, like baskets, expandable cloth cubes and more. A lot of these solutions fit right into wheeled carts or line up on shelves so that you're not cluttering up your floor or other furniture surfaces. If you only have a little closet overflow, you can use half of your cubes for things other than clothes.

Accessory Storage

Accessories can be hard to compartmentalize because they are all different shapes and sizes. Get a few handy solutions, like a geometric scarf holder that lets you see all your scarves in one simple triangle that hangs from a closet bar. Keep it even simpler with drawer compartments that assign a little square each for things like rolled-up belts, neckties or stockings.

Over The Door Storage

The amount of stuff you can get on an over-the-door hanger these days is amazing. Most people have seen the classic shoe rack that slings along the inside of the door. But you can use both sides of the door to hang different things, too. Hang a mirror so that you're using the door as more wall space. Try tiered hooks on one rack to make space for long necklaces or hats. Combination racks that have both a mirror, a hook and a little shelf for last-minute touches lets you set up a station for getting out the door fast; all from the inside of your closet.

Bedside Storage

Newer solutions take advantage of every inch. When you run out of closet space, take it bedside with cloth compartments that hang from the bedside to store those small items you want close at hand, like your phone or slippers that might not have made it into a shoe rack.

By thinking creatively about where everything can fit, your dorm closet can be enough to store everything you need for a fashionable year. And, if you're planning to live in a big city after school, it's good practice, too!

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