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Dorm Electronics

Upgrade Your Dorm with Smart Dorm Electronics

Laptops and cell phones aren't the only smart devices you should bring to your college dorm. The Pottery Barn Teen electronics collection includes a wide selection of smart and stylish alarm clocks, music players and mobile accessories perfect for dorm use. Shop dorm electronics now to give your dorm room a major upgrade.

Dorm Alarm Clocks

Proper time management is an important skill that all college students must master. While you can use your cell phone as an alarm, having a desktop clock lets you check the time without getting distracted by texts, emails and phone apps. Pottery Barn Teen alarm clocks are available in two main styles.

  • Simple battery-powered desk clocks come in gorgeous decorative options like rose gold, gold and white, marble and marble and wood. Coordinate the alarm clock with matching desk accessories to give your study area a cohesive look.
  • While they make great desk or bookshelf decor, these clocks only offer basic features like a simple chime alarm.
  • Other clocks that plug into the wall offer fancier features like Bluetooth compatibility, allowing you to wake up to your favorite music. These clocks can also be controlled from across the room by the remote control that's included.
  • Bluetooth dorm clocks are also backlit and have large, easy to read numbers so you can check the time at a glance.

Dorm Speakers and Turntables

Listening to music is a great way to focus while studying or a way to relax after a long day of classes. There are two options available for music players: speakers and turntables.

  • Classic speakers connect via Bluetooth to your mobile device and are controlled by a remote. These stylish cubes feature a USB charging port and LED lights that change colors.
  • Turntables are fun vinyl record players with a retro vibe. They feature built-in high-quality speakers and come in gorgeous colors. Some even include a USB hookup so you can transfer vinyl music to digital files.

Dorm Mobile Accessories

Checking emails, keeping track of assignments and making plans with study partners is much simpler with a mobile device in your pocket. Keep your cell phone fully charged with these top dorm electronics for mobile devices.

  • Colorful charging cords add a little extra style to your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Plug them into a task lamp with a USB port at your desk or pair with a USB wall charger to charge them via a wall outlet.
  • A cute charging bracelet can stay on your wrist all day for easy wireless charging.
  • For on-the-go charging on long days, bring along a stylish colorful power bank, designed for Apple or Android products. Charge the battery pack before leaving for the day then plug it into your phone whenever your battery runs low.

Transform your dorm room into the ultimate space for productivity with smart dorm electronics from Pottery Barn Teen. Choose from a wide selection of alarm clocks, music players and mobile phone accessories that are as stylish as they are useful. Add these top gadgets to your college dorm room to prepare for a great school year.

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