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Dorm Wall Decor

Types of Dorm Wall Decor That Will Stand Out

The walls of your dorm are your place to play. Even if your room isn't huge, you can still go big on style. You've probably already thought about decorating themes for your dorm--preppy, boho, contemporary, elegant or whatever you like --but now it's time to consider how you're going to make that happen. Discover dorm-wall decor that pops from the minute you enter the room.

Go Dimensional

The easiest way to make sure your dorm walls stand out is to have your decor literally stand out--from the wall, we mean. If you like traditional wall art, select canvas art with the canvas stretched over an authentic box frame. This kind of wall hanging comes in tons of different designs, so you can pick the one that suits your style best. The frame is about an inch deep for a dimensional look that doesn't get too out there.

If you like to experiment with more whimsical designs, you can add lots of dimension and movement by hanging a garland or string lights. These design standbys used to make an appearance only around the holidays, but, now, there are plenty of contemporary options with creative flair, like tassels, flowers or celestial silhouettes.

For a more utilitarian look, find wall organizers that stick out from the wall a little bit and help you save space on surfaces and floors, too. Floating wall organizers are perfect for student life. They let you grab what you need when you need it without taking up a bunch of space in a small dorm.

Repeat for Impact

Another way to make a big splash with your dorm-wall decor is to repeat your favorite patterns or objects for impact. Many modern garlands do this by hanging a sequence of tassels, but you can do it with almost anything you love. Another gorgeous way to do this is with mirrors. Mirrors double as a smart way to open up a small space visually, too. Find a set with matching frames or borders or just buy multiples of whichever ones you love best. You can have fun by selecting mirrors with the same frame in different sizes, too.

For a more subtle approach, you could repeat a color or a pattern throughout your dorm walls. Maybe all of your art is black and white, or all of your objects are framed in the same burnished gold color. Repetition makes a big statement, no matter how you do it.


Make It Personal

Make your walls entirely your own by keeping your decor super-personal. Start by selecting beloved photos--ones where you and your friends from home or college look great. Print them out and load them into an edgy wire photo holder that hangs on your wall. These functional wall hangings keep pictures firmly in place while providing an on-trend, frameless look.

Add in a few signature touches that help you maintain your roots while you network at school, like playful mirrors or cork boards in the shape of your home state or pennants from your high school and college. Soon, both places will feel like home, and your dorm will show it.

Stick to Something

Highlight your creativity with stick-on wall art. The beauty of this approach is that you can get a highly styled look for your walls in just a few seconds without having to commit to any particular design, the way you might if you invested in a painting or if you painted or wallpapered your walls. Decals, stick-on mirrors, vinyl tiles and more offer a wide variety of design choices for you that friends and guests will notice right away.

Check out upscale versions of traditional sticker technology, too. Look for cool new versions of whiteboards, like geometric shapes or maps that let you draw, track, organize, make lists, keep score and more. Toss in a few funky magnets or magnetized accessories and your walls become a command center for fun and functionality.

College is all about stretching your limits to find new ways to grow. Decorating your dorm is no different. With a little creativity and imagination, you'll have the most outstanding dorm in the hall.

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