First Apartment Inspiration

Decorate your first apartment with freedom and display the real you. Show off your space to one and all. Get your first apartment inspiration with our collections at PBteen and create that special space that will always welcome you in. Explore new looks and styles to embrace the feelings you want to portray completely. Turn any space into your personal living space.

Use the Textural Waves Bedroom Collection to help style your room into something glamorous. Pair with fluffy chairs to enhance the feelings of softness. Pick lower chairs to match the bed and create an intimate area for friendly chats. Keep extra blankets on hand so everyone can get cozy and comfortable. Use the gold hues to your advantage to make the room seem brighter. Place lights to shine onto the bright colors to increase the shimmery look.

Fashion a room you will enjoy spending time in with the Xander Bedroom Collection. Take advantage of the darker colors to generate a warm and inviting environment. Try using the racks and shelves and hooks to store and hang necessities while saving space. Add plenty of pillows to the bed to have a comfy study environment. Choose a movable task lamp for lighting you can move around and still keep your eyes from straining due to low light. Match the colors in the comforter for a blended look or add in another deep color for more variety.

Customize the Westward Bedroom Collection into the look and feelings you want to portray. Add in a desk for a workspace. Pair light woods with the light comforter to give feelings of beach or antiquated. Turn to a darker comforter and pair with deep-colored woods for a royal and masterful feeling. Choose desks with hutches to keep all your equipment within easy reach. Alternatively, add extra space to the desk by using a hanging chair organizer. Create shelves in your closet by using a closet organizer. Take advantage of floor space or slide them out of sight under the bed with bins. Matching ones to your decor will assure that if anyone sees them that they don't look out of place.

If you don't have a specific style, then create your own out of base colors with the Favorite Tee Bedroom Collection. Use the comforter as your starting point and build your room around it. A soft neutral color will allow you to match most anything. Include a wool rug to tie the room together and give a pleasant area for bare feet. Choose a shag rug for extra plush. Create focal points of color by picking decor items in a bright color. Try pillows, art, chairs or rugs. Hanging pictures of either your favorite scenery or moments will create personalized focal points. Stay low-key by matching colors that blend.

Bring in the beauty of flowers and dusk colors with the Vintage Daisy Bedroom Collection. Give the feeling of summer breezes and elegant parties to all who enter your space. Try vanities to make an ideal spot to prepare for the day and increase that vintage flare. Hang up dimensional art to spread the beauty to the walls. Use flowers and wreaths all around for your elegant meadow. Use lace and frill to your advantage in bed skirts, pillows, throws and other decorations. Match colors to the bed cover or add in a shimmering metal to stay with the vintage look.

Create the best possible place to hang out spot with the Baldwin Cushy Lounge Collection. The soft neutral colors allow you to match other decor items or add your own. Decide on a color scheme and then choose your accessories to match. Add plenty of pillows so all sitting there can create their own comfy spot. For smaller spaces, try using a trunk as a table and get the added bonus of storage. Be prepared for larger groups by having movable chairs like bean bags.

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