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How to Choose Shower Supplies for College

Life in the dorms is a unique experience. Dorm life might be your first foray with roommates, cozy quarters and dozens of your peers sharing the same bathroom. As a result, showering in the dorms requires planning and perhaps even a little time to adjust to this new routine. In addition to scoping out when the best time is to snag a shower stall, you need to stock up on shower supplies to make your trek to the dorm bathroom easy and efficient. Follow these tips from PBteen to create a simple college showering routine.

Choose the Right Shower Caddy

The dorm bathroom isn't a place where you can store your shower supplies, so you need a simple way to transport them from your room to the bathroom and back. A shower caddy helps you organize your toiletries both in your dorm room and in the shower. You can tuck the caddy on a bookshelf or in the closet in your dorm room and grab it when you're ready to head to the showers. When you're shopping for the shower caddy, consider these factors to determine if it's the right one for you:

  • Number of compartments: Consider how many toiletries you use in the shower. You want enough compartments to easily transport these shower essentials. Look for extra pockets for items like razors or a loofah.
  • Material: Shower caddies come in several styles. Plastic caddies are sturdy and easily stand upright in the shower. Mesh ones are lightweight and easy to carry. Make sure there are enough drainage holes to keep water out.
  • Transport: Your shower caddy needs a convenient and durable handle. Consider where you will place your caddy in the shower. A hook or drawstring allows you to hang it and keep it off the shower floor.

By considering these factors, you can select a practical shower caddy for your needs.

Select Your Toiletries

Envision your shower at home. It might be filled with a variety of toiletries, some that you use every day, others that you use infrequently. When you're in college and transporting your toiletries to the bathroom every day, you want a more streamlined collection of toiletries. So, assess your shower routine and determine those essentials that you want to pack in your shower caddy. Consider these basics as you begin to build your caddy:

  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Body wash and loofah
  • Face wash
  • Shaving cream and razor
  • If you still have space in your shower caddy, consider other items that can add a touch of luxury to your shower. These products may include an exfoliant for the face and body, foot scrub, hair mask or deep conditioner and in-shower body lotion.

    Bring Linens for Comfort and Convenience

    Your shower caddy is stocked with the right supplies and you're now ready for a dorm shower. A few other important items ensure that you're comfortable and--most importantly--dry after your shower. First, grab a comfortable cotton bath towel, which will be plush and absorbent when you step out of the shower. Consider investing in one with your name or initials monogrammed on it so that it doesn't get misplaced in the dorm bathroom. Alternatively, you can select a towel in a bold or bright pattern so that your towel can't be mistaken for your roommate's.

    Next, bring a robe, which allows you to walk around the bathroom or even back to your dorm room with enough modesty. Finally, wear a pair of shower shoes to the dorm bathroom. You might even want to keep these shoes on while you shower for sanitary reasons. Shower shoes should be open-toed and water-resistant with good traction. Flip-flops can do the job, or you might opt to purchase a shoe designed specifically for the shower. Dry your shoes off after the shower and wear them back to your dorm room.

    College showers might be a new experience, but that doesn't mean they have to be difficult to navigate. A little planning goes a long way in making your dorm showering routine simple and efficient. With a handy shower caddy, you can keep your toiletries well organized throughout the semester. Comfortable and practical linens and smart shoes are the finishing touches to your dorm showering routine.

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