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Dorm Storage Trunks

Find the Perfect Dorm Trunk at Pottery Barn Dorm Today

Storage space is often hard to come by in your average dorm room. That's why many teenagers headed off to college away from home pack their own. With a dorm trunk from Pottery Barn Dorm, your savvy student can transfer their clothes to their closet and have a place for essentials after they get unpacked. Use this guide to learn more about storage trunks for college you can find at Pottery Barn Dorm.

Why Buy a Dorm Trunk?

Getting everything from your child's bedroom to their dorm room isn't likely to happen. That doesn't mean your teen can't pack the essentials. Here are a few reasons a dorm trunk is a smart buy whether your teenager is a freshman or returning to school for their second year:

  • Dorm trunks make it easy to pack up clothes and personal belongings. If it fits in a trunk it will probably fit in their dorm room even if it is a tad undersized.
  • Dorm trunks do double-duty as in-closet storage for many students. Personal materials, passports, winter jackets and once-in-a-while shoes can all live comfortably in a trunk. You can even add organizers to make a trunk more functional.
  • Your student can use their trunk as a coffee table or piece of furniture. No need to buy furniture just for a semester when a sturdy trunk can take care of business and look cool in the process.

What Styles Are Available?

Stylish trunks make it easy for your teenager to turn their dorm room into a designer-inspired space. Here are a few go-to looks you can find at Pottery Barn Dorm today:

  • Natural wood trunks. These trunks add a modern touch to any dorm room. They're also durable enough that they can be used semester after semester without showing signs of wear.
  • Colorful styles. Natural birch is a great look for modern and mid-century dorm rooms, but some students prefer a little bit more color in their space. Shop vinyl and canvas dorm trunks in colors like red, green, black, blue and orange. You can even find the perfect pink trunk to create a fun, friendly dorm room design.
  • Trunks with stylish trim. From bronze to brass and silver, trunks with stylish trim make blending decor elements simple. Match other items in your child's dorm like their bed frame for a cohesive look.

Browse Pottery Barn Dorm to find a range of dorm trunks and storage essentials for your teenager's dorm room. You'll also find comfortable bedding, blankets, wall hangings and more.