Dorm Desk Accessories

How to Organize Your Dorm Desk with Accessories

College is a time when you're supposed to buckle down and study in preparation for a career that's fulfilling and rewarding. It's also a time you're supposed to have a ton of fun! To be able to do both of those things, staying organized is a must.

Use this guide from PBteen to learn more about organizing your dorm desk with the right tools and accessories for an efficient, stylish workspace.

Devise a Filing System

In-class notes, handouts, syllabi; all of that is a lot of paper that can get lost in the shuffle if you're not careful. With a proper filing system, you can keep track of the papers you need in a neat, organized way. Best of all, a well-designed filing system can help you save space in a small dorm room.

A small desk with a built-in file cabinet is an ideal option since it will give you lots of space for writing and using your computer. You'll also have built-in storage for other essentials like printer paper. If a whole desk isn't required, under-desk file cabinets can make organization a breeze.

For a less formal, space-saving option, file folders and magazine holders can work exceptionally well for keeping papers neat and organized. They'll also go right onto an existing shelf, so they won't get in the way when you don't need them.

When it comes to a dorm room filing solution, the most important thing is to simply have one! By doing that, you'll be able to take care of homework and study efficiently so you can get back to enjoying the college experience outside of the classroom.

Organize the Little Stuff

Stray papers, pens, pencils, staplers, flash drives; all of these things are small enough to disappear in a busy dorm room. Getting all of that little stuff organized means you can spend more time studying and less time looking for the things you need to study right.

A desktop paper tray is an essential item for keeping papers you need in front of you ready to go. Whether you're writing a paper or studying for a midterm, desktop paper trays allow you to keep all of your materials within reach. Trays with multiple sections for large and small items like staplers, erasers, flash drives, paperclips and extra staples are also incredibly helpful.

Having an organizer or two to hold pens, pencils and items like highlighters is also a must. Keep it filled up, so you're never low on writing supplies when studying or working at your desk. You'll also be able to grab what you need right before running out the door to class.

Many desktop organization systems come in sets, helping you get everything you need in a style that works for you. Look for two-piece and three-piece sets that let you organize paperwork, smaller items and pens, pencils, highlighters and markers in one area.

Go for a Desk Mat

Desk mats help personalize your dorm space and make it feel like it has always been yours. They also make spending long hours at your desk when you're cramming for finals a whole lot easier on your arms and hands!

Personalized desk mats are an excellent choice for dorm rooms and they can be emblazoned with your initials for a unique touch. You can also choose from a variety of scenes and abstract prints ranging from bold colors to monochromatic options and even world map prints that can help you with your homework.

Don’t Forget to Decorate

Sure, college is all about studying and applying yourself. You've still got to have some fun though, right? After all, you know what they say about all work and no play!

Keeping your dorm desk organized is really important, but finding some space for decorative items that make your space feel like a home matters too. To do that, shop for items like desk clocks, light-up letterboxes that can be personalized with to-do lists or slogans, tabletop globes and even bookends and figurines.

Items like Bluetooth speakers designed to sit on your desktop can also look great and be helpful when going back through lecture recordings or video presentations. They're also incredibly useful for playing your favorite music, podcasts and amplifying sound from your laptop for streaming movies and TV shows when study time is over.

You've got to go to class and hit the books hard your first year in college, but a good deal of your work is going to be done in your dorm room, not in the classroom. With the right organizational aids by your side, you can study efficiently so you've got more time for friends and campus fun. Use this guide from PBteen to get organized so you get the full college experience from the moment you step on campus.

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