Dorm Wall Organizer

How to Use a Wall Organizer

Optimizing organization in your dorm room or apartment ensures that you're maximizing space. A wall organizer brings items off of desks, dressers and even the floor and keeps them visible and within reach. Wall organizers come in plenty of styles, from pinboards and dry erase boards to multi-tiered shelves. Incorporate a wall organizer into your dorm room decor with these helpful tips.

To Track Your To-Do List

Keeping track of your weekly assignments for each class doesn't have to be a challenging task. Track your daily to-dos on your wall organizer. A dry erase board organizer allows you to write directly on the unit. You can divide the organizer up by day, by class or by category to keep track of those must-complete tasks. Having your most pressing assignments visible on your wall just might be the motivation you need to finish them.

To Organize Your Calendar

Exams, research papers, extracurricular commitments and social engagements keep your life busy when you're in college. Transform your wall organizer into a calendar for better management of your schedule. Here, you can track when assignments are due, when exams take place and when your next social engagement is. Use different colored dry erase markers for each category for simple organization of your monthly calendar.

To Keep Important Documents Visible

Stacking important paperwork on your desk probably isn't the best organizational strategy. Fortunately, a wall organizer can help solve the dilemma of where all that school-related paperwork should go. Post syllabi from each class on a pinboard wall organizer, or slip them into a wall unit that includes a convenient shelf. Other paperwork, including financial aid forms or school assignments, can be easily organized on these pinboards as well.

To Store Everyday Essentials

Stop spending time rummaging through your dorm room looking for essential items before you leave for class. Wall organizers with different compartments and shelves are perfect for giving these essentials a place to call home. Clear your nightstand or desk and add items like your smartphone, chargers, keys and student ID in this organizer. Reserve one compartment for each item so that you always know where it goes. Life gets easier with a wall organizer designed for these essentials.

To Share Messages and Notes

Improve communication with your roommate by using a dry erase wall organizer to relay important messages and notes. If a visitor stopped by or called your roommate when he or she was in class, let them know by writing a note. Keep track of room chores, such as dusting or making the beds, by creating a to-do list that you can tackle together. Or, write a shopping list if you split groceries or simply add a motivational message for your roomie before a big exam.

To Display Mementos

Curb any feelings of homesickness by bringing memories of home with you to college. Many wall organizers are well-designed for displaying favorite photos and other mementos. Post pictures on the pinboard that showcase family and friends from home. Add your tassel from your high school graduation cap as a nod to your history. When you use the wall organizer this way, it can also double as decor.

To Store School Supplies

Between your computer, printer and books, your dorm room desk probably filled up pretty quickly. Keep school supplies within reach by transforming an organizer into a wall-mounted supply cabinet. Select a wall organizer with various compartments and shelves. Then, clear your desktop and add your supplies to the organizer. You can store pens, pencils, printer cartridges, earbuds, USB cables and much more in these multifunctional wall units. Accessing these essentials will be easier than ever.

To Organize Beauty Items and Accessories

When you're short on space, you find creative ways to store personal items. Perhaps you don't have the room for a full vanity in your dorm room. However, a wall organizer can serve as your makeshift beauty storage that makes getting ready for a special event easier than ever. Choose a shelved wall organizer and keep perfumes, makeup and hair products stored in it. You can even find space for your jewelry in this organizer. Getting ready to go out is suddenly a simpler task.

You will discover plenty of ways to incorporate a wall organizer into your dorm room. Whether you're organizing your busy calendar or your personal belongings, these wall organizers provide the function you need during a busy semester. Plus, they add a stylish touch to any dorm room wall.

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