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Set Up a Lounge with Bean Bag Chairs

Create a lounge for kids and teens alike with bean bag chairs. These cushy classics have come a long way and while they still have their signature squishy feel, they're also a lot more upscale and designed to last through tons of lounging, reading, scrolling, game play and conversations. Designate a special area for your kids to chill out and relax with bean bag chairs and other unique furnishings that make the space their own and still fit the overall aesthetic of your home.

New Styles of Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag chairs have always been known best for their texture and softness when relaxing. Basically one big pouf, these seats aren't exactly chairs, but they're a lot more than cushions. Shaped for comfort and stuffed for an indulgent feel, bean bags can now become a stylish part of any home.

  • New bean bag chairs come in so many different textures and fabrics. Enjoy the luxurious feel of faux fur or the lustrousness of velvet. Twill, cotton and other touchable materials also make their appearances in teen lounges.
  • Patterns and colors are bolder, brighter, richer and more exciting than ever. Look for lush midnight blue or cheerful teal, metallic gold or cloud-like grays.
  • Upscale styles are hitting the scene with sophisticated espresso browns that would suit a casual living room or polar white to fit into a modern entertainment room.
  • Creative motifs let you decorate a teen lounge to theme. Favorite characters, like Hello Kitty or Harry Potter, remain stylish in bean bag form.

How To Style Bean Bags

Styling bean bags is now an elevated art. You can always just plop yours down on the floor and let your teenagers move them around for movies or video games or catching up with friends, but setting the stage for a lounge atmosphere gives them a space they'll remember as their own long after they've outgrown it.

  • Check out rugs and curtains in similar textures and colors to the bean bags you choose. A palette can help tie a lounge together and transition into other areas of your home.
  • Add gaming furnishings, like a game chair for each player or a media console that has space for all the devices and screens they need.
  • Choose interesting lighting, like a glamorous floor lamp, a bohemian-inspired chandelier or pendant or table lamps to accent side tables.

For an especially unique way to style a teen lounge, look for designer collaborations. Big bean bags or colorful prints, like the ones from Lilly Pulitzer, give your space a stellar style.

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