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Imagine a world with no chairs. Eating cereal in the morning would be pretty difficult. Trying to study or read would mean standing up for hours. People would even have to stay on their feet while watching movies or hanging out with friends. Thankfully, that world doesn’t exist. At PBteen, we have tons of different seating options that help you to relax and enjoy yourself no matter what you’re doing. Sofas, sectionals, armchairs, swivel chairs, stools and ottomans all give you a place to sit and match your bedroom decor. However, there’s one awesome option that’s often overlooked: beanbags. Consider what beanbags can do for your room and your lifestyle.

Beanbags are the ottoman’s eccentric and adventurous cousins. They take all of the comfort of a deep sofa and pack it into a super-stylish package. First of all, beanbag inserts are naturally soft. They’re filled enough to provide plenty of support, but leave enough space so you can sink down and relax. Another reason our beanbags are so comfortable is their surface. Plush fabrics give your skin a smooth spot to lounge. Cotton jersey is breathable and fresh, and the faux fur tickles you gently.

Another reason people love beanbags so much is that they’re so informal and fun. They’re dedicated to good times and being yourself. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing – pajamas are always welcome – or what you’re doing. Anytime is a great moment for kicking back in your beanbag.

If you need inspiration while studying for a test, take a break from the time at your desk to recline in a beanbag. It can even help you have an easier time with homework. When you’re relaxed, your subconscious gets in on the action and lends you a hand. No stress means ideas come a lot faster. Lying down on a beanbag can stimulate your imagination and creativity too.

After school or work, you deserve some time for play. This is where beanbags shine. They’re ideal for spending time with friends. Everyone feels relaxed while talking and laughing with snacks. If you have your own video game squad to team up and take down bad guys, you can enjoy a great view of the TV and the comfort of a beanbag chair instead of plopping down on the floor or crowding each other on the bed. The same thing goes for movie time. It’s easy to have a bunch of friends in your room since everyone can just grab a beanbag, find a spot and lie back in comfort.

One of the best parts of all of this is that beanbags are easy to store. They don’t take up as much room as a chair, so it’s not hard to toss them inside your closet when you’re not using them. For your personal beanbag, keep it in the corner next to your desk. That way it’s easy to get to when you want to play video games, read a book or message with a friend for a while. Just drop it anywhere on the floor and enjoy.

Beanbags make great decor items too. They excel as accent pieces that make a big statement about your style. For example, if your duvet cover – and most of your decorations – is lavender, choose a beanbag in a bold color like red, pink or turquoise. It contrasts, pops and adds another layer to your room. It’s like a piece of art that you can put anywhere you want.

For a fashionable bedroom, go with a faux fur beanbag for major chic. Pick a tone that matches your vanity seating. Use a black-and-white striped or patterned rug for a touch of artistic elegance. If your sense of style leans towards glam, accessorize with a full-body mirror with metallic elements and a floor lamp.

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