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Coffee + Side Tables

Add a Stylish Lounge Table from the Pottery Barn Teen Collection

Relaxing with friends is a must for the average teenager. Whether your teen is hosting sleepovers or just enjoying some free time with an iPad and Netflix, a lounge table is an essential piece of decor. Use this guide to find the perfect style for your teenager's room. Durable styles might even make it to their first apartment or dorm room.

What Lounge Table Styles Can I Find?

Help your kids kick back in style with a wide range of lounge table options from Pottery Barn Teen. Look for these go-to tables to outfit your teen's bedroom right:

  • Elegant lounge table styles. Offering grown-up good looks ideal for older teenagers, our selection of elegant lounge tables come in mid-century, art deco and more modern looks. Aim to match your new lounge table with existing hardware or finishes you've already got in your teenager's room.
  • Metal lounge and end tables. Go for a modern or industrial-inspired style with metal lounge and end tables. Featuring sturdy tabletops and additional storage on some models, metal lounge and end tables are fun and functional. They'll also stand up to lots of abuse without too much regular cleaning. That can be a big benefit in your average teenager's room.
  • Light end tables. Add a little extra lighting to the bedroom with a light end table from Pottery Barn Teen. Featuring wire construction with a built-in tabletop lamp, this two-in-one piece of furniture looks great and saves space.
  • Acrylic nesting tables. Clean and contemporary, acrylic nesting tables offer ultra-modern style. A range of sizes lets you use them for end tables or lounge tables placed on top of your favorite printed rug.
  • Gaming-inspired looks. Video games are practically a way of life for many teenagers. With gaming-inspired styles, your teenager can make the most of their free time. After all, we all deserve a little bit of downtime after a long day. Your teenager just might prefer killing zombies to relaxing with book some of the time.
  • Trunk styles. Storage and style - what's not to like? Get both with trunk-style lounge tables from Pottery Barn Teen. Choose from neutral tones or more colorful styles to match the rest of your teen's decor. Trunks also make a great addition to your teen's dorm room when they head off to college.

Shop a wide range of lounge and end table styles for your teen's room at Pottery Barn Teen today. You'll also find essentials like bedding, lighting, wall art and more to create the perfect chill-out zone for your kids.

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