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Versatile designs to help you study smarter.

Teen Desks

Small Space Desks

Corner Desks

Desk Wall Systems

Vanity Desks

Teen Desks for Staying On Task

Plan on your best school year yet, plus space for plenty of passion projects, with stylish teen desks. These unique desks are scaled for comfort, convenience and achievements. In colors, finishes and design silhouettes that look great with a wide variety of teen bedroom decor, these desks are the anchor piece in a private study space. Check out drawers, hutches, shelving, mirrors and more to customize your desk for everyday use.

Create A Study Alcove

Creating a study alcove for teens gives everyone a sense of confidence. This is a space where distractions fade into the background and the focus stays firmly on the beautiful furniture you've selected. Choose teen desks that offer storage for books, pencils, art supplies, electronic devices and more.

  • A lightweight desk only needs a cubby, cabinet or drawer space to get stuff done. Keep everything organized and transform a bedroom corner into a mini-office.
  • For heavier homework loads or serious art or other hobby supplies, get a desk that looks like the one in the main home office of the house. Two drawer bases hold everything to get through a year of intellectual and creative growth.
  • For a bigger bedroom, choose a corner desk with double cubbies. This makes space for a big computer monitor, so teens can write or draw on the other side.

Choosing Teen Chairs for Your Desk

Have fun with your teen's desk chairs. The chairs you know and love for a home office translate into scaled versions with their own spunky style in a study alcove or bedroom desk corner.

  • Look for executive-style wheeled bases. If they're fun for you, they're fun for them--maybe even more so.
  • Choose a great seat with lots of support. Curved seats with high backs shaped to allow comfortable work make it easier to stay on task.
  • Let a little personality into the picture. Select a chair covered in faux fur for a luxurious, cozy way to get stuff done.

Must-Have Desk Accessories

Don't forget to add on to your teen desks with lots of accessories made for versatility and extreme functionality.

  • A set of shelves that builds up from a desk creates an office suite in a teen's bedroom. Fill shelves with books and personal effects to make the space feel unique.
  • Work mirrors into the scene with wall mirrors behind open shelving to open a space up. Use a tri-fold mirror as a vanity topper to transform a desk fast.
  • Grab touch-up pens in your desk's finish to keep everything looking fresh. Knocking around happens, but it doesn't have to be the end of the world.

Design this special desk space today and get motivated to do more right away.