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What’s your preferred way to study? Some people like to sprawl out on their bed and do research lying on their stomach. Others curl up with their laptop in their hands and lean back against their headboard. There are even some people who like to lean upside-down off the edge of their bed when they’re trying to solve a math problem. Moving around gets your blood flowing and helps you to concentrate. So what’s the best position for studying? That depends on you. You want to feel relaxed and focused at the same time. A dedicated study space with a desk and chair is a popular option. At PBteen, our teen computer desks are designed to adapt to your specific needs. Here’s what they can do for your room.

First of all, what are the advantages of a study desk? Well, for one thing, it helps you stay organized. Homework usually goes a lot faster when you have everything you need right at your fingertips. That way you’re not looking around the room for an important assignment or paper. They also offer a practical and comfortable working environment. That’s especially true if you do the majority of your investigation and homework on a computer. Typing for a long time in an uncomfortable posture makes your wrists hurt. But with a desk, the keyboard stays at the right height and cuts down on fatigue.

That doesn’t mean you’re not free to move around the room as much as you want during study periods. Getting up, stretching and even plopping down in a fuzzy couch for a bit are all ways to kick start your brain when you’re having a hard time concentrating or can’t figure something out. And once you find the idea you’re searching for, head back to the desk and fire away at your essay like a pro.

How can you choose a desk that’s right for your room? There are a couple things that help you to decide. First, think about your personality and the way you already decorate the space. That gives you some clues about your preferred type of desk. Do you like things that are simple and practical? Neutral wood colors fit anywhere and blend in without drawing too much attention to themselves. Or, if fashionable is your middle name, go for a white desk with sleek lines. Look through different options and take note of any styles that really jump out at you.

Another thing to look for in a desk is something that inspires you. That way your study space becomes a spot where you love to be. It’s a place where you feel free to dream, imagine, create and design anything you want. If you have a natural flair for art, for example, express that passion by choosing a desk that looks more like a project table – such as an A-frame desk – than a traditional desk. Personalize your computer desk with sports memorabilia, photos, artwork, a task lamp or a wall system.

Focus on as much comfort as possible. That’s important because when you’re calm, you think better and ideas come to you faster. First step, a comfy desk chair with a back rest and a thick cushion. Swivel chairs are fun, and spinning around is a great way to get a new perspective on a situation.

Where can you put your desk? In a cozy room, corner desks take advantage of a little bit of floor space to give you lots of room to work. A single-pedestal desk also takes up less room while still giving you several drawers to store your stuff.

If you have a lot of space, you can place your desk anywhere you want, literally. In fact, putting it in the middle of the floor is an exciting and chic layout possibility. You can also place a desk in front of a large window to get plenty of illumination for a bright space. Roman shades let you drop the blinds if the sun gets too intense.