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Teen Dressers + Armoires

Dressers + Armoires

Select the right dressers and armoires for your bedroom when you remember the key role these clothes-storage furnishings play in defining your sleep space. When you combine a dresser or armoire with a coordinated bedside table, your storage furniture sets the tone of the bedroom. Feel free to choose your favorites from the mid-century, mysterious or metal dressers and armoires in our dresser and armoire collections at PBteen. Use these durable and tidy bedroom furnishings to create the subdued or creative environment you desire for your ultimate rest and refreshment. Add natural or industrial elements to soften or sleek up the bedroom to your comfort level.

Do you want to have all matching furnishings in your room? You can accomplish this look with beds, dressers, armoires and bookcases from the same collections. It’s also easy to mix and match dressers and armoires with furnishings from other collections if you prefer. Use a shiny, colorful metal bookcase unit as an accent with more traditional wood beds, dressers and armoires. Or have an upholstered platform bed surrounded by locker style dressers and a metal armoire. If you want more luxury in your bedroom, go for the classic dressers with upscale decoration and armoires with a touch of gold and mirrors.

If you face the challenge of too little closet space, dressers and armoires are lifesavers, and so are open clothing racks. When you want the simple look, use plain wardrobe racks with storage beds in clean-lined designs. The racks provide a more open-space look to a small bedroom. Racks with rollers are also really convenient when you need to move your clothes from storage to dressing area. Armoires with long mirrors are super efficiency tools when you have limited “get-ready” space in your living area.

Use the open-rack or armoire trick when you share a bunk bed too. In the case of a shared room with a meager closet, perhaps one bunk mate can have the closet rack and the other bunk mate is allotted floor space for a chiffonier or armoire for hanging clothes. This divide-and-conquer clothes hanging arrangement also cuts down on mix ups over clothes in shared spaces. Add a few wall hooks for outerwear and totes, and efficient bedroom storage is firmly established. A complete wall-sized dresser set is another furniture option in a shared room with a free wall. Designate half of the drawers and shelves to each room resident for a completely fair distribution of sock and underwear drawers.

If you have a separate dressing area, include lounge furniture in the space between the dressers and armoires. Having cozy seats close by helps when putting on shoes and pants, and you can arrange clothes and accessories on the sleeper or chaise to decide on color combinations. The space-saving tower dressers and mirrored armoires offer you extra floor room. Take advantage by ordering plump love seats and plush sectionals that let you calm down and prepare yourself at the same time.

If you need more face space in your bedroom, install mirrors over lower dressers. Use trays on the dresser tops to hold your grooming supplies. Decorative mirrors add a lot of character and light to a small or large bedroom. If there’s room in your bedroom, choose a vanity that coordinates with our many dressers and armoires. Tower dressers and armoires in creamy white or upholstered fabric look stunning with vanities. Choose bright, bold, dresser colors if you want more vivid hues in your bedroom, and accent the look with a completely mirrored vanity. There are endless design combinations of dressers, armoires and other furnishings that you can make with our clothing storage collections.

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