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Headboards + Daybeds

Headboards and daybeds are a great addition to your bedroom to go along with your bed and other furniture such as your nightstand or dresser. Other than giving your bed extra style points, headboards also serve a few useful functions. Daybeds, on the other hand, may serve as your bed if you need to save space in your bedroom or be an extra bunk where your cousins or friends can crash occasionally. At PBteen, we have a great selection of headboards and daybeds to spruce up your bedroom. The headboards and daybeds come in wide range of styles, sizes, features and functionalities that suit your requirements and taste.

Choosing the right headboard or daybed from our offerings is relatively easy. Here are a few simple tips. When shopping for headboards and daybeds, determining how you plan to use them is a good place to start your search. For instance, if you just want a headboard that is primarily decorative to complement your bed, browse through our headboard selection while keeping an eye out for styles that best appeal to you. If you want a headboard that does more than just make your bed look awesome, check for special features that go with it. Headboards with upholstery give you a comfortable surface to lean on when reading a book, watching TV or studying on your laptop while in bed.

The designs on our headboard offerings vary. These include those that are purely decorative such as the wood cut-out styles, wood carvings and classic wood panel design. Those with upholstery also come in different designs including headboard models with tufting, flat surfaces, sled style headboards and those with slight curvature, which make them more comfortable as you lean back on them. Or you can choose an ornate wooden headboard edge that frames an upholstered surface. Another advantage of choosing a headboard with upholstery is that you have the option of choosing the type of fabric, including its color and weave.

Our daybed offerings come in several styles, from a basic design with a contemporary style-looking daybed, to more stylish ones with wooden cutout backrests, wicker surfaces and classic wooden paneling. Although popular for their space saving functions, some of our daybeds come in queen size, which means that they can give you both an ample space to sleep in, as well as a deep and well-appointed furniture piece that functions just like a sleeper sofa.

Daybeds serve as both seating furniture for your bedroom and as an extra bed space just in case a buddy or relative plan on spending the night in your home. If you love having friends over for sleepovers, then it will be a good idea to choose a daybed with a pullout trundle if you see yourself needing extra bed space for more than one guest. Some of our daybed models do not come with trundles, while other models have drawers instead for extra storage space.

Before you start purchasing from our selection of headboards and daybeds, measure the space where they will go. Once you have the measurements, narrow your search only on selections that will fit into the space. If you choose a daybed with a trundle, make sure that you check its dimensions with the trundle out. This way, you can still have enough space between the daybed and other bedroom furniture such as bedside tables and dressers. While our headboards are in standard bed sizes, you can still choose to purchase a larger or taller one for your bed. A wider headboard gives your bed an illusion of being wider, while tall headboards make your bed look grander.

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