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Treat yourself to the ultimate in gaming and entertainment organization with media storage solutions from PBteen. Rock on with confidence from your favorite gaming chair when you know your flatscreen, DVDs, games, electronic components and spare controllers are safely and neatly stored away. Some media storage systems have adjustable shelves to accommodate everything from vinyl records to large picture books. Other units are made of sustainable wood and are hand-finished in soothing tones. Cable management is achieved easily in media storage units with convenient cutouts on the rear of the furniture.

It’s great to have a favorite gaming chair of your own, and it’s even better to have a few sofas and sectionals around your media center to give your guests and family a place to play and watch videos and movies. When you use our media storage systems to gather all of your stuff in one place, you have plenty of floor space for seating of all kinds. Throw down a favorite room-size rug and add several more gaming chairs, or choose a cool, sleek sectional that works for long conversations and naps too.

If you want a more trim seating option, choose one or more of our sleepers and futons in full and half sizes. By day, they make cozy and stylish seating. At night, they transform your media center into an instant hostel as they fold out for sleepy visitors. With a compact media storage unit and a few sleepers, your media room becomes a guest room, too. Add some cozy throws and blankets to the sofas or sleepers, toss a few fun pillows in each, and you’ve got your entertainment room decor all figured out. Mix and match the media centers and sofas to get the look you want, whether you prefer city-style glamour or oceanside energy in your socializing and entertaining space.

Outfit your media lounge with enough coffee and lounge tables for drinks and snacks. It’s convenient to have plenty of spots to place headphones, tablets and purses. Your visitors appreciate that touch. Some coffee and lounge tables are part of collections that include media storage, so you can perfectly match coffee tables to storage systems. Other tables have their own unique features, including tech practicality and upscale design. A card table is a great addition to the media lounge for board games and role-playing campaigns, and you can use it to hold a popcorn buffet on movie nights. A coffee table with extra storage is a sweet media lounge feature. Store extra blankets, gaming systems and other necessities close at hand.

Make your media lounge your domain with eye-catching dimensional art like neon signs and sculptures of your favorite things. Sports fans, movie lovers, nature seekers and science aficionados all find wall art to love in our diverse collection. Because your media storage system has your flatscreen TV handled, you’ve got lots of wall space left over for your favorite quotations, carvings and shapes. String lights and other wall lighting decor are the finishing touches.

Another decor trick to use in the media room is arranging our gorgeous tapestries on the walls and ceiling of the media room. Frame a favorite chair with a soothing pattern, or use a long scene tapestry to transform the space to another dimension. Tapestries are great ways to balance the space when you have a wall-grabbing media storage unit on one side of the room. Place a sofa and large tapestry on the opposite wall to even out the look, or use tapestries on the remaining three walls for a more dramatic effect. Highlight the wall with your shorter gaming stand or console when you hang a tapestry above and behind it, giving that side of the room interest even when no one is playing or watching the screen.

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