Girls Bed Skirts + Canopies

Bed Skirt Basics + Canopies

One of the most important things when it comes to decorating your space is keeping the little things in mind. It’s often the little nuances and the attention to detail that make your bedroom shine, allowing it to be a comfortable place where you can relax after work or school, or study for long hours when you need to prepare for that big test. With our bedding basics at PBteen, decorating is simple as you can match your window coverings with your rugs or your furniture with your decor and wall art. Having a bed you feel comfortable both looking at and sleeping in is important as well, and that goes well beyond just having the right bed sheets or comforter. It’s a joy to be able to walk into your room and be grateful that you picked out all the decorations yourself, and you’re satisfied with them.

Learning the tools and tricks when it comes to bed skirt basics isn’t too tough. The first rule of thumb is often matching colors and materials. You can also contrast them as well to your taste, depending on what look you’re seeking. Bed skirts are available in a variety of materials to match your duvet covers, shams and other bedding basics. Many bed skirts feature 100 percent cotton construction, which makes them durable and easy to care for as they have the ability to machine wash and tumble dry them. Different types of cotton add various effects. Crocheted cotton percale looks elegant and feminine while a crisp cotton/linen blend in a neutral shade matches anyone’s bed set easily, bringing both brightness and a clean feeling to the room.

Color is another important consideration. Many bed skirts are white, off-white or neutral which allows them to blend in easily and complement with changing bed sheets, pillowcases and quilt colors. This makes it possible for you to have a light quilt during warm weather and a thick comforter during the cold months, all while having a bed skirt that matches your tastes during each of the four seasons. However, a pop of color is a good idea too, and many bed skirts offer enough to bring your sense of personal style to the room. Look for bed skirts with effects, such as metallic stripes, tulle or pom-poms, to make a statement. Additionally, many plain white bed skirts also have a lined edge, allowing you to choose bright and perky colors, such as turquoise, pink or navy. Bed skirts are also available in a variety of different sizes to suit your bed set, and popular sizes typically include twin and XL twin, full and queen. Some bed skirts are also available in king sizes too.

Beyond the bed skirt, if you want to add a bit of romantic pizzazz to your bedroom, a canopy works well in many situations. If you have a four poster bed, a canopy certainly gives you the feeling of a comfortable, private space for reading, studying and sleeping. Similarly to bed skirts, canopies are often made of cotton or a cotton blend and are easy to care for like being machine-washable. Look for thin, sheer canopies that are neutral or white, which match any bedding you choose for your bed as well as your drapes and other decor. Some canopies even offer options, such as pom-poms or hanging decorations, for a unique, personal look. Some canopies also hang from the ceiling in lieu of requiring a bed frame, so even if you have a small twin or platform bed, you can enjoy the comfort of a canopy in your room.

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