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Youth Mattresses


When it comes to deciding on a mattress where you’ll love getting comfortable and recharging for the next fun day ahead, there are several options to choose from depending on your likes and the type of bed in your room. Find the ideal mattress, whether that’s one for your bunk bed system or one that features a plush pillow top, from our mattress basics at PBteen. If you opt not to nap on the very soft and squishy sofa in your living room, then you know that a firm mattress is probably what makes you happy instead. A queen-sized mattress that features a firm top satisfies your need for a supportive sleeping surface. Plus, you don’t even need to flip these mattresses to keep them feeling their best year after year. The firm mattress also provides solid edges that allow your bed to make a great extra seat in your room when friends are over or you’re chatting on the phone.

For the ultimate in comfort, getting a mattress that also has an attached pillow top is a great decision. While you’re in dreamland, the gel-infused foam topper keeps you feeling cool, cozy and extremely relaxed. Be sure to match this taller mattress with a fitted sheet that has deep pockets, so when it comes to time to change your bedding, the fitted sheet easily slips around the four edges and makes it easier to make your bed.

Partner your twin box spring with a mattress that features comfortable foam as part of its sleeping exterior. We offer mattresses with springs inside that form to the shape of your body and ensure that you stay comfortable, no matter what position you prefer to sleep in. The typical size of the mattress lets you choose any sheet sets, allowing for a fun and creative way to make your space look your own, whether you have a sports theme or one that reminds you of your summer trips to the ocean.

Do you share a bedroom with a sibling or just like having extra space for friends who stay the night? Bunk beds save space and are a fun bed choice. Mattresses designed specifically for bunk bed frames fit nicely in these beds. Because these types of mattresses don’t join with box springs like other bed setups, the design makes up for it with a thick, fluffy mattress built to last for as long you plan to use your bunk beds. When you’re not using the second bed, turn it into a daybed or gaming couch with extra bed pillows and some throw pillows for lounging during the day or evening. It’s an ideal spot for reading or playing games on your tablet.

Save your sleeping bags for camping trips and give your friends a comfy place to sleep when they come over by choosing a bedroom trundle bed. These beds slide under the bed fram that you sleep on every night. With a mattress made just for this unique type of bed, your sleepover guests can enjoy the same comforts of the bed you’re sleeping on.

If you have allergies, then a 100 percent organic cotton mattress helps keep you happy and healthy. Our allergy-friendly mattresses provide years of comfortable slumber with its coil design that holds up and is quite durable. Pair up the twin mattress with a box spring and adorn it with your favorite color of sheets and quilt, and remember to throw a matching blanket at the foot of the bed for those extra-chilly nights.

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