Monogrammed + Personalized Bedding

Personalized Bedding

The way you decorate your room has a big effect on the space and on the way you feel. A bright bedroom makes you energetic and happy, whereas a darker room is cozy and warm. But that’s not the only thing picking out decor and bedding does. Since there’s no one else in the world exactly like you, the way you choose to decorate makes a major statement about your personality. It reminds you of your interests, your favorite colors and the things that you care about. At PBteen, we know how important individuality is to teens and adults alike. We want to help you put your signature style on any space. That’s why we offer pieces that fit every taste, from elegant and vintage to playful and adventurous. One way to make sure your bedroom has your name written all over it – literally – is with personalized bedding. What do monogrammed pieces do for a room?

Personalized bedding has your initials displayed proudly in different areas. The effect is definitely luxurious. It makes your room feel like a mansion, filled with lots of romantic details like a golden chandelier and lots of mirrors. Plus, because our bedding is supersoft and sleek, it treats your skin to the VIP treatment. And that’s another benefit of monogrammed bedding. It reminds you that you’re an important person. That’s a big help when getting ready for your day. How? Well, a healthy amount of self-esteem gives you major confidence. It’s like telling yourself that you can do anything you dream of. And with that kind of positive attitude, your brain goes into overdrive and you often perform even better on whatever the day brings you.

Want to create a preppy style in your room? Monograms are a main part of prep themes. They give the idea of privilege and class, along with a love for outdoor sports like skiing, boating, golf and tennis. Pick out personalized bedding with polka dots, stripes or borders to harmonize with a posh lifestyle. Go with bold and classic color combinations like green and pink, navy and pink or red and cream. Add a shag rug in a complementary shade for an extra wow factor. Vintage decorations are definitely welcome.

What kind of bedding can you personalize? Pretty much anything you can imagine. And don’t be afraid to layer as well. Sheet sets are fresh and clean. They’re an ideal place for a monogram that represents you. In most cases, the monogram is placed on the reverse side of the top cuff. That means that when you fold it over – whether tucked in or hanging loosely – it’s visible right in the center of your bed, welcoming you home from classes. If you want to make your personalization really stand out, go for contrasting tones between sheets and monogram. For example, white sheets highlight green, red or blue letters. With dark-colored bedding, light monograms are easy to notice.

Of course, you’re not limited to solid-colored or white sheets with a vibrant border – although they do look awesome. Express yourself even more with patterns and motifs that reflect your personality. Geometric shapes, paisley and floral designs are just a few exciting possibilities. Pick out a complementary or contrasting monogram color for tons of chic.

Duvet covers and shams display your initials proudly and noticeably. And since size is no issue, expect large letters stamped on the front of your favorite pillow. Because they’re designed to be artistic and fashionable, your personalized elements flow seamlessly with the beddings’ appearance, making it look like the whole piece is custom made just for you.

We know you like to have lots of options. So when picking out your monogram, choose any font that appeals to you. Some styles are sleek and modern. Others have classic curves for a touch of tradition. A few have playful icons to work with as well. How many letters can you include? That depends on the design. Most allow from one to three letters, and some have room for up to nine. That way you can put your first initial, your entire monogram or spell out your name.

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