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Throws + Blankets

Find the Perfect Teen Throw Blanket for Any Bedroom style at Pottery Barn Teen

Teenagers can be pretty picky when it comes to their bedroom decor. After all, most teenagers are trying to figure out their own personal style while fitting in with their friends and peers. That's why even small tasks like picking out a teen throw blanket can feel like a big decision for the kids in your family.

The good news is that we've got tons of different teen throw blanket styles at Pottery Barn Teen that you and your children will absolutely love. Keep reading to learn more about the amazing selection of cool throw blankets you can find in our shop today.

What Teen Throw Blanket Styles Are Available?

Some kids love bright colors. Others might prefer a more neutral look. A lot of kids like fun patterns or bedding that reminds them of their favorite hobbies, sports or movies. Whatever you teenager is into, we've got a ton of throw blanket options that they'll enjoy. Here are a few of the most popular styles you can find at Pottery Barn Teen today:

  • Basic fleece, knit and wool styles. An ideal option for adding style to your teenager's bedroom is a basic fleece, knit or wool throw that matches your bedding. Look for subdued neutral styles to add texture to a bed. Shop for basic stripes to add decorative flair without going over the top. Fleece and wool styles are especially good for those super cold winter months.
  • Faux-fur styles. Go for a glam look in your teenager's bedroom with faux-fur throw blankets in classic colors. Looking for something a little more off the wall? Browse faux-fur throws in bold, brash colors like neon pink and green. Then your kids can really show off their wild-child personality!
  • Decorative throws. From classic creamy neutrals to wild prints, a little decoration never hurt any throw blanket's design. Shop for frilly styles, throws that feature fringe and looks that have pom poms to give your teenager's room a fun-filled chic vibe.
  • Sports throws. NHL hockey, NBA basketball, MLB baseball and NFL football are all sports tons of teenagers are obsessed with. Give them a decorative throw to show off their favorite sport even while they're sleeping.
  • Harry Potter throw blankets. One of the biggest film and book series of all time, Harry Potter is a franchise lots of kids love. Look for Harry Potter house throw blankets at Pottery Barn Teen. These make great holiday and dorm room gifts for your teenagers as well.

Create a cool room that your teenager will want to show off to their friends with throw blankets from Pottery Barn Teen. You can also find a big selection of essential bedding pieces like duvets, sheet sets, bed skirts and more.