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Brighten up your space with hip lighting options from PBteen. From overhead lighting to small task lamps, we have what you need to bring style and illumination into your home. Shop timeless classics like hardwired overhead lighting, or pick from more up-tempo fixtures like string lights and bulb-framed mirrors. Or, mix and match shades and bases to create a lamp that goes with your existing decor perfectly. Let us help you find your favorite teen lighting today.

Overhead Lighting

Need to brighten up a large space? Select overhead lighting. Because this style of fixture hangs from the ceiling, it does an excellent job of dispersing light all throughout the room. Choose from standard options that turn on via your nearest light switch, or select chain-hanging pendant lamps that simply plug into the wall. Alternatively, you can combine both styles to create diffused light throughout the room and a stronger pinpoint over a desk or working area.

Mix + Match Lamp Shades

Matching lamps to your decor or design theme is simple; just use our lighting tool to get started. Here, you can mix and match bases and shades as if they were separate, creating a lamp that really speaks to you. Shade options are diverse and include everything from simple stripes to frilly, crisp-white layered fabric. All of our shades selected just for teens fit each of our lamp bases, so choose the exact style you like. It doesn’t matter if you’re down to earth or your head’s in the stars, frilly feminine or purely masculine, there’s a pair of lamps to match your personality perfectly.

Wall + String Lights

For bedrooms and other relaxation areas, using frame lights gives a nice effect. These provide a softer, more diffused light that doesn’t reach as far as standard lighting, and can often double as a nightlight in some cases. Framed flower mirrors with low-wattage bulbs make a cheery addition to a bedroom, especially when hung in front of a vanity or behind a dresser on the wall. Run string lights or rope lights around the junction where the walls meet the ceiling to instantly brighten the entire room with soft, gentle lighting. Framed motivational words with built-in lights are a nice touch too. Choose from words like “love,” “peace” and “game on”.

Task Lamps

When you need to brighten up a small space like a desk or bedside table, task lamps let you see more clearly at arm’s reach. Like a smaller version of a table lamp, they, too, come with fun shades full of personality. Set the stage for excitement with a spotlight lamp, or choose one with a simple metal shade instead.