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Mix + Match Lamp Bases

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Mix + Match Lamp Bases

A lamp might not be the focal point of your room, but it can really make or break the design. A carefully chosen and perfectly placed lamp can bring the entire room together while providing adequate lighting to see all of the things you need to — making lamps both decorative and functional. At PBteen, you can mix and match lamp bases to create a custom look for any room and to add a touch of style and personality to your space. Shop our collection to find just the right lamp base for your room.

Lamp bases come in all shapes and sizes. Our collection includes lamps for teens who have traditional or modern tastes. Acrylic lamps are molded into fun shapes and are durable enough to stand up to any task. Bubble lamps have a funky design and are available in several colors, so you can match them to your bedding, rugs or curtains. Choose from modern or minimalist designs to go along with your own personal taste. If space is limited, opt for a table lamp with a narrow base to save room on your desk or tabletop. Choose a lamp with a wide base if you want it to really stand out.

Our lamp bases also come in fun, recognizable shapes. If you are a sports fan, you will enjoy our sports themed lamp bases shaped like a basketball, baseball, football or lacrosse stick. Each lamp is crafted from resin and modeled into a piece of athletic equipment. It sits on a wooden base to give it a solid foundation and a stylish look. Personalize your lamp by adding a name or initials on the base. The monogram is expertly engraved on a metal plaque and attached to the wooden base. Each lamp base comes with a matching finial so that you can secure whichever lampshade you choose in place.

Music lovers will adore the boom box speaker lamp base in our collection. Fashioned to look like an old-school boom box, this lamp base is reminiscent of the 80s and 90s. While you are not able to throw in your favorite cassette tape and listen to old-school tunes, it does connect to your MP3 player. The boom box has functioning speakers so you can listen to your favorite music right from the lamp as you lounge on your bed or chair or study at your desk. You can even adjust the volume right on the unit itself. The boom box is made from crafted resin and hand painted to give it a retro look.

With mix and match lamp bases you can create a lamp that has the perfect look for your space. Further that customization by choosing a mix + match lamp shade to go along with it. Our large selection of lamp shades includes multiple colors, patterns and textures to go along with any style preferences. Opt for simple but happy polka dots or make a bold statement with a textured or ruffled lampshade. No matter which you choose, the lamp shade will help you completely transform the look of your room. You can easily change up the look and feel of your room by switching out the lampshades.

Unlike floor lamps, lamp bases are not tall enough to sit directly on the floor, so make sure that you have a table or desk to place it on and raise to the proper level. We have several coffee tables, end tables, bookshelves and other furniture to help you outfit your room. Choose a style that goes along with your lamp so that your furniture and accessories will complement each other. No matter what theme you have in your room or what styles you prefer, you can find a lamp base in our collection to go along with your lighting and decorating needs.

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