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Mix + Match Lamp Shades

It feels good when your room looks exactly the way you want it to. With our design your own lighting options, PBteen can help you make sure your room looks perfect. In this collection, you’ll find mix and match lamp shades to pair up with our selection of lamp bases, allowing you to create the ideal combination of lamp base and shade so you can get your room to look just right. You can start by picking out the base and then finding a shade that looks good, or go the opposite route. The choice is yours.

Our mix and match lamp shades and bases are all about empowering you with the ability to make choices. You can showcase who you are and what you like by choosing a themed lamp base. If you prefer more subtle decor, you can find the right combination of neutral shade and simple base to suit your tastes. Our mix and match lamp shades come in a variety of colors and patterns, and some are embellished with additional details such as pompom trim. Whether you prefer preppy rugby stripes or dreamy floral shapes, we have a shade to match.

As you shop for your lamp, think about the colors and styles you like to use for your decor. It’s also a good idea to consider the specific decorations you have in your room already or plan to bring in. Will the lamp combination you’ve selected match with other elements in the room? If you don’t think the shade and base combination you’ve selected will look good in the room, think about picking out a different mix and match lamp shade. Simply choosing a different color or pattern for your shade may solve any problems of mismatching decor. That’s one of the things that makes our mix and match lamp shades and bases so great - you can make small adjustments to get the right look without having to walk away entirely from something you really like.

From your bedroom to your study area or lounge, our mix and match lamp shades and bases are a great choice for providing supplementary light for reading, watching movies, playing games on your phone or just hanging out with your friends. You can use these lamps in combination with overhead lighting and floor lamps to create a bright ambience or use them solo to cast a softer glow. Many of our bases take 60-watt bulbs, which is typically enough for most people to read by and to light up a room at night but not to create daylight-matching brightness. You can use several of our mix and match lamps in the same room to create more brightness.

Our mix and match lamp shades and bases are generally available in table lamp sizes, meaning they’re not suitable for display on the floor but are perfect for placement on a bookshelf, coffee table, nightstand or sturdy wall shelf. Elevate your lamp higher to disperse the light more widely around the room, or place it in a corner to keep the light contained. Their size makes them just as versatile as their mix and match quality.

Lighting is an important part of decor. Like wall art and other decorative pieces that look great and bring you pleasure, lighting can make your room look awesome as well, but it additionally helps you see when it gets dark. That last part is pretty obvious, but it can be easy to forget that lamps can be decorative, too, and really add to the look of your room. With our mix and match lamp shades, you can take advantage of this quality and transform your lamp into something you love to look at.

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