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Romantic Room

Love can be difficult to describe. You know it when you feel it, but it’s hard to explain it in words. You notice things about someone that make you happy when you’re around them, and your mind keeps thinking about them even when they’re not around. Of course, everyone has these feelings at some point in their life – and they’re completely natural and even healthy – but a person who is romantic feels them a little different from other people. You notice the small things and value them. A soft touch, tender smile or an unexpected gift – they mean a lot to you. PBteen wants your bedroom to reflect your individuality from floor to ceiling. If you dream of a handsome Prince Charming or a beautiful girl who is funny and intelligent, here are a few ways to turn your bedroom into a romantic room that inspires you.

First, it’s important to remember that everyone’s take on what looks romantic or not is different. It depends a lot on your personality. Some teens like decor that’s traditional while others prefer things that are modern, chic or luxurious. One way to know what style fits you the best is to think of the love-themed movies you like the most. Some romantic films are about a couple in love – maybe a prince and a commoner – in 17th century England. Other movies feature a hip-hop love story. Your favorites give you a clue as to the kind of romantic ambience you want.

Another way to know what you like is just to dive in and look at photos. If something seems especially warm or passionate, go for it. No matter what your preferred theme, there are certain pieces that are almost always very effective at creating a romantic room.

Light fixtures have a huge effect on the way your bedroom feels. Soft, gold-colored light is very romantic. Part of that has to do with the light bulbs you use. However, the biggest part is the appearance of the piece itself. There are a couple of ways to give your space this cozy ambience. Wall sconces give off a gentle glow. You can use them in pairs on any wall for adding plenty of warmth to the room. A chandelier is lavish and romantic at the same time. Chandeliers often have many crystals that refract light all around the room.

Your bedding also sets the mood for the rest of the room. Because romance is amount beautiful feelings and deeper qualities, go for colors that are mature and intimate. Rose, ivory, white, lavender and other neutral tones have this effect. Look for duvet covers, comforters and quilts with a fluffy and pleated appearance. They’re super soft and elegant. Try layering sheets with a quilt and folded throw on top for an extra-comfortable texture.

When it comes to patterns both in bedding and the rest of your room’s decor, thoughtful pieces mean a lot. Floral motifs make you feel like you’re lying back in a lush meadow, staring up at the blue sky and daydreaming. Flowers are universally romantic, so they’re a good choice whether you want something sophisticated or chic.

Give your bedroom some vintage romance with 1920s-inspired decor. A tufted headboard is a little bit lavish and very stylish, just like a flowing silk dress. You can go with ivory or gray if you’re the calm and quiet type, or a rich tone if you prefer to say exactly how you feel. Pick out a classic bedside table, something with a center support and a round top, that has intricate details and curves. Decorate it with an elegant lamp or a photo frame with the picture of your love interest. Focus on gold tones throughout your room, from a chandelier overhead to mirrors with golden frames.

Wispy and see-through fabrics are very luxurious. Highlight them with a canopy bed that makes you feel like you’re in Paris. Pair your drapes with sheer white curtains for the same effect. A white vanity with a large mirror shows that you’re becoming a young adult in your own right.

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