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No-Nails Decor

Check out these 5 easy ways to decorate your dorm with stylish pinboards, wall organization and more.

1. Wall Organization

Not enough desk space? No prob! Our Style Tiles take advantage of wall space to organize all your essentials

2. Pinboards

Solve your wall by staggering and layering to give your favorite memories a unique spotlight

3. Headboards

Hack this! Your headboard doubles as a pinboard, saving wall space while displaying your inspiration

4. Calendars

Need reminders? Never miss a date with this dry-erase, quick-hang decal that comes down just as easily

5. Custom Decor

Add a personal touch to your space with these easy-to-apply wall letters. Just peel and stick

No Nails, No Problem

No-Nails Decor

Moving into a dorm room? PBteen wants to help you make the most of your space. We understand Dorm Decorating 101 is very different than decorating your room at home; you’re probably sharing with a roommate, and it may not be okay to use permanent fixtures or nails. That’s why we’ve created an entire line of wall decor items that affix to your walls with just a few strips of 3M adhesive tape. They won’t leave marks or mar the paint, and take only seconds to attach to any smooth surface you can find – it’s that easy to customize your space. Pick them up, move them around, adjust them and combine them to your heart’s content, instantly refreshing your space. Once the school year is over, take your decor items down and pack them away – the wall space underneath remains just as it was before you started.

Keep supplies and small objects organized with helpful wall organizers. Attach a heart-shaped shelving system above your vanity to keep jewelry items like necklaces and rings neatly tucked away. Or, attach a wall-hanging organizer to the wall beside your dorm room door; slip keys, change and other important items into it to keep them readily accessible when you’re heading out for the day. Our wall organizers are durable, sturdy and reliable, so you can trust them to support everything from nail polish bottles to calculators – what you put inside is entirely up to you.

Throughout your college life, you’ll make magical memories, new best friends and a host of experiences that will change and shape you as a person. Make the most of these memories and keep important notes close by, too, when you hang a nail-free pinboard near your study space. Available in multiple colors and patterns, our pinboards provide the perfect canvas for hand-made photo collages, class schedules and appointment notes. Just affix each to the pinboard with a thumbtack. Adjust, move, rearrange or remove your tidbits at the drop of a hat when your schedule changes or you want to refresh your board. Don’t care for the look of cork board, or want something a bit more fancy? Try a fabric pinboard instead. Made from covered MDF, and available in colors that blend and match with our bed, bath and shower products, each fabric pinboard adds a splash of color to your wall while letting you hang everything from snapshots to lost earrings in seconds. Most products come with a handful of pushpins to get you started.

You created a cozy and inviting sleeping space. You set up your mini-fridge, and your beauty products are neatly marching in a line along your desk, ready for you to become perfectly polished the next morning. Now it’s time for dorm decor. We make it easy to showcase your incredible personality with wall decals that won’t leave a mark when you move. Flowery vinyl sticker headboards add excitement and pizazz to your bed, while Greek letter decals remind those who visit of your service and dedication to your house. Just want to make a blank white wall a little less blank? Fill it up with decals that mimic the look of wallpaper in daring dragonflies, pointed diamonds, delightful dots and shimmering silver circles.

The final piece in your dorm room puzzle is personalization, and our custom art pieces make self-customization a breeze. Use our handy Design Your Own Style Tile tool to create your very own customized pinboards, placards, decals and calendars, or mix and match from existing options to create something new to you entirely. Oversized wooden glitter letters let you put your mark on your place in a way that’s temporary and entirely easy to remove at the end of the school year. Just want to keep track of your next big game or meetup? Communicate special events and exciting moments with a roommate door sticker or giant framed calendar decal instead. Just use a dry-erase marker to jot down notes, doodle or leave each other funny messages of encouragement. Once the moment’s over, wipe it free with a soft, damp cloth and you’re ready to start fresh.

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