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Dorm Mini Fridges

Dorm Food Storage and Mini Fridges

There are certain necessities to have in a dorm room. A mini refrigerator and dorm food storage are crucial to keep your room organized and to have a place to put refrigerated foods. Stock it full of the food and beverages you like most. The cafeteria may not be open when you want a snack, so keep a stash of crackers and cheese, bottled water or chips and dip. The mini fridge has a shelf and tray area with a door that has storage compartments. Put it on top of rolling fridge cart to elevate it from the floor and to make it easy to move around as needed. The cart has drawers for extra storage.

Use a lapdesk for studying in a chair or on your bed. A sliding door unveils another area suitable for storage. Keep pens and pencils, computer ink and supplies hidden and out of the way. The lapdesk also gives you an area to prep some food and eat a snack. Engraving options are available to personalize it.

To make sure you never miss an appointment or to hang photos of classmates, hang a pinboard on your wall. At PBteen, we have some cool-looking pinboards that come in geometric shapes. Some have ribbons to hold your photos and notes without needing pins or thumbtacks. The pinboards organize scraps of paper and reminders, and they are decorative as well. Since dorm room space is usually limited, the pinboards can hang on an empty wall or a closet door.

Another dorm essential is a mirror. Depending on the size of your room and the wall space, you can have a freestanding full-length mirror or hang one on the back of a door or on the wall. Choose from funky designs like star shapes, a mirror with wings or a pinboard-framed mirror. There is one that is made of stick wood if you like a hip, down-to-earth vibe. If you like the beach, select one framed in shell shapes or a full-length mirror that mimics a surfboard. The mirrors are practical since you will want to check your reflection now and then, but they also double as a decorative accessory to jazz up a dorm room.

Hang a sweater and a shoe organizer in your closet to keep your clothes and shoes tidy. The organizers add floor space to the closet for extra storage that you most likely will need. The folded clothes won’t get wrinkled on the organizers like they might if they were crammed in a drawer, so you can avoid ironing later.

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